Does it matter what school you get your degree from?

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    Hello - I have been accepted into Gonzagas nursing school, and had an interview for the Washington State University nursing school as well - I will hear from them either way in 2 weeks. They are both BSN programs - not ADN to BSN. My question is does it matter what school you graduate from as far as employment? The advisors here say it makes no difference, but I think that's a local's perspective - I am considering other places to live too. I know I haven't heard from WSU yet, so I may not have to decide between the two if I don't get in to WSU, but I would like to get some input as to how I should decide in case I do. A few more facts to consider: Gonzaga's job placement is 75% before they graduate, WSU don't state theirs. The NCLEX passing rate is the same as WSU. I like Gonzaga in the fact that they have more faculty to student ratio, and your clinicals are with 2 of the major hospitals here. WSU has their clinical with one of them, and the other clinicals are in LTCs and a psych institution. The locations of the schools are the same - one is across the river from the other (I live in Spokane, WA).With Gonzaga I would have to go to school in the summers to complete the university requirements for the philosophy and religion. It costs more to go to Gonzaga, but I got scholarships to reduce the cost of tuition. With WSU, I would just start fall quarter. The cost difference over the next 2 years would be 15 - 20K total. What do you think? Thanks.

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    Gonzagas sounds good even if it is more expensive, but you do have the scholarship to offset cost. I would say go to Gonzagas and from what I hear as for as an undergraduate nursing program it doesnt matter what school you graduate from. I think that would matter for a higher degree like an MSN or DNP or something like that.
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    Thanks - Sorry for the late post, I have 4 classes and it's been busy. I will be attending Gonzaga, as I didn't get in to the other program, which is fine - I wanted to go to Gonzaga anyway.
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    Being CCNE accredited is probably the most important thing
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    Even though you have to go to summer classes, I'd consider that a blessing. The fact that the student/instructor ratio is lower says a LOT to me.
    Congrats on getting in and good luck!
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    Nope, makes no difference at all. Assuming the school is NLN or CCNE accredited.
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    Yes it is CCNE accredited. I do like the fact that the student teacher ratio is higher too. The school in itself is very well regarded and hard to get into. I consider myself very blessed to be in the nursing program. Thanks!
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    unfortunately yes!
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    as long as it's an accredited school I wouldn't think it matters.
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    Well maybe. If you apply for a job locally, you may find they have a preference of one school's students over another. It is this way in my area. The nurses and managers in the local hospitals develop opinions based upon the clinical performances of the local school. It is a fact that many more graduates of the 'preferred' schools are hired. I suppose every area is different.

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