Desperate measures - nursing school

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    How bad did you want to get accepted into nursing school?

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    Reminds me of when I was juggling Micro, A & P, Nutrition, and O-chem during the same term......just before I got into the nursing program. After that, I knew I could do just about anything.
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    Hahahaha! I'm learning to juggle right now! It takes the edge off the stress. I need to learn that foot catch, though.
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    What you mean not all nurses have 4 arms and 2 heads?
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    You know, I was accepted 3 times over a 12 year period on interviews alone.
    Terrible HS grades, great NLN entrance exam and SAT scores. Of course that was back in the 60's and 70's.

    Hospital school cost $50 for uniforms and $50 a year. I went 4 weeks (I think that's what I remember). College the next year was $13 a semester hour with a max of $163 for an 18hr semester, I went 2 1/2 years there, and to finish the other 3 semesters 7 years at the University later cost me $900 total in 1973-74. Hmmmmmm? I believe I still have the University receipt/student ID cards for you doubting Thomas-es.
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    With that much talent and with today's job market for nurses, he's better off taking his show on the road!
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    HA!!!! Love it! me jump through hoops
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    Kind of sophisticated ! While i am just on the way .
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    spent two years spending 4 -5 hours studying after school every day in order to get a good leaving cert, applied for nursing , got the points and since starting university, i learned how to use a diablo (well and nursey stuff too i spose :P )
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    Love it!! Learning to juggle myself!!

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