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  1. Coping Mechanisms- How do you cope?

    Nothing wrong with a good cry every now and again! Having a good rant with nursing student besties works wonders because well you know that they are going through the same stuff. Sometimes if you have a good preceptor they can understand and talk you...
  2. irish student here

    im aware that there are courses like that in Ireland too however, I feel like I will probably have to emigrate. Canada isn't looking to great but I know the UK are definitely taking in new irish grads. Do you know what hospitals/colleges offer these ...
  3. irish student here

    Hi, I'm an Irish student nurse and as I'm sure those in the UK know that a lot of Irish student nurses are emigrating to the UK to work post qualifying here in Ireland. I'll have a degree in general nursing. However, I really really want to be a chi...
  4. is it true about canada?? light in this gloom??

    So I've done some research tonight and I see that the skilled route is closed, do you think this cud open again by 2016? We were told that Canada needs nurses, so now I feel really disappointed! Could you give me information about other routes? If no...
  5. is it true about canada?? light in this gloom??

    so does this mean I can't emigrate to Canada to nurse?? :/
  6. I have heard that Canada will be recruiting a lot of nurses in the coming years. Is this true? My story- I'm an irish student nurse and I will soon receive my bachelor of science in general nursing. I obviously have fluent English and we do a 9 month...
  7. In Ireland, as part of our BSN we do clinical placement and then we do a clinical internship for 9 months. Initially in first year we do a lot of observing and chatting to patients but after that a lot is expected of us on placement, particularly in ...
  8. I'm 20 and a student nurse, I'll be qualified soon and I think I want to specialise in peds but I don't know if I have what it takes. My grades are really really good, I love working with children and infants because on my ped rotation I was smiling ...
  9. COPD - so confused!

    Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it! :)
  10. COPD - so confused!

    YOU ARE A STAR.....I think I've worked it out...(I must sound so stupid! )..pH would be acidic???? WBC's always present in urine in infection or is it just UTI??
  11. COPD - so confused!

    1) I know that more than 300 l/min is generally the normal rate for men. But what would these figures be in a moderate copd exacerbation? My guess is 200-250 l/min however I'm not sure 2) So therefore a chest-xray may appear normal even though the ...
  12. COPD - so confused!

    I don't know if I'm posting in the right place but I need your help! I'm studying COPD (BSN Student) at the moment and I'm just so confused, please don't tell me to google or read a text books or read journals because I have, I promise! So if someone...
  13. Most challenging moments in Nursing school

    I'm still in nursing school but the hardest part so far was working with a nurse on clinicals who was in a really bad mood and criticised unconstructively for the 12 hours we worked together, by 6pm I was in the bathroom crying. Don't mean to scare y...
  14. Who were you in high school

    I was the quiet, shy kid with a few close friends, studied hard, didn't cause much hastle, didn't really fit in and fairly innocent to be honest.....that all changed when I left high school and started my BSN, I met kids who I had something in common...
  15. young and inexperienced or....?

    Hey nurses, I know I'm a general nursing student but I wanted to post this on your page because I need a response from you guys. Basically, I'm 20 years old and I'm on clinical rotation at the moment. A few days ago one of the patients I was caring ...