Class of 2013 anyone?

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    Are you graduating in May or June, 2013? We have 7-8 more months to go! I would love to get a thread going to see how many of us are 'here' and see if we can keep each other encouraged till we see the finish line! We are almost there!
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    May 2013!!
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    I graduate in May and so ready and excited!
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    September 2013 (4yr BSN program)... *drumroll please*
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    @StudentnurseCT, @Katie71275 and @Elisheval, we are almost there. What classes are you all in right now? How's clinical going? I am doing mental health. I'm enjoying the theory portion but clinical experience has not been the best. Anyways, I'm so glad you all wrote in! Let's keep the excitement going & our spirits up till next May!
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    We start here in two weeks. First up is my pediatrics clinical *gulp*
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    December 2013, AASN Here we start in January
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    May 2013 hoooooray!!!! finishing 3 year BSN In ped's now and actually don't mind it What else is everyone else in? Do you guys have a preceptorship in your last semester and if so do you know what kind of unit you'll be on?
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    May 2013!!! I'm in Peds right now with just a couple weeks left then OB. Last semester is critical care.. Starting to get excited!!
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    Im in OB now, and then Peds in the Winter, and the Spring we do Critical Care and Preceptoship. I can't wait!

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