Can I wear my scrubs to an interview?

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    Okay my interview is on Monday for a patient transporter position. I am currently a nursing student and I have lab Monday. I just bought an outfit to wear because I have an interview on Monday for that transport position and one Thursday for an Aide position. Thursday I shall be dressing up, but I really do not want to dress up on Monday, I cant be late for lab or I will be locked out and I already know I will be late dressing and changing clothes and then rushing to school. If I don't change I probably can make it right on the speeding a little I figured I can just explain this to whoever is interviewing me. Besides doesn't it make me look like I am committed to my school work?

    I can't miss lab and nor do I want to. It is for OB and I love OB lab. If it helps any the interview is at Children's. And I would make sure my scrubs aren't wrinkled!!

    Opinions please! Thanks.

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    Good question! At my last interview I was scheduled to interview for a different position at my hospital during my shift. Apparently it happens all the time for those of us who work first so people often go in scrubs. Its dedication darling. Good luck!
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    I don't see an issue with it, I'd just apologize and explain when you get there.
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    We were told for RN interviews absolutely not to wear scrubs. They said they'd be happy to point us to a changing room before the interviewed us. This is all from our HR dept to my class in nursing school.
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    I would never dress like that for an interview. I also would ask if I could interview another date if I had class that day. It will be your choice. You may lose points. One thing to consider is changing in a bathroom and bringing your lab clothes into the interview. I have done this.
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    If your interview on Monday is so close to your lab that the few minutes it would take to change clothes would make you late, how would the interviewer running late not also make you late? It may behoove you to reschedule the interview so that there is no chance of being late to lab and then you don't need to worry about appropriateness of scrubs at an interview.
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    Nope. The only time I've worn scrubs for an interview is when I was casually pulled off the floor as a PCT to interview for my RN position. I had a feeling I would be interviewed that day, so I wore newer, more stylish scrubs, but they were still scrubs. It's too late to reschedule - and that looks bad - I'd just change after your interview.
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    For those of you who said pick a different day....dont you think I would try? The only days she had available was Monday and Tuesday and I was the first she called so she gave me the first choice. And the hours she told me on both days I either had class or lecture and I am not allowed to miss either. So she told me she could squeeze me in a bit earlier. I am not rescheduling as these were the only two days available.

    I guess I will just bring my scrubs in my purse and hurry and change in the bathroom right after the interview.
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    Or wear scrubs part of scrubs under times of need you think outside the box....scrub pants are thin...put those puppies on and roll them more wrinkled than carrying in your purse and the scrub top.. Sit in back of car and wear one piece dress you can easily lift over head. Just hope interviewer is on time....good will work out for you...if I had to choose one to be late to I would choose lecture rather than clinical cause late for clinical is auto sent home late for lecture just eye roll from professor
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    I wouldn't wear scrubs to an interview unless specifically told to.
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