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Hey guys! Starting my nursing class on September 5. I am nervous, excited and did I say nervous. Let's start a thread together and support each other on this journey. Got all my books but I have yet... Read More

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    Ok first day of clinicals in the books. What a disaster. Hopefully it gets better from here. Hell, no where to go but up.
    Got my Pt. yesterday and spent hours understanding and learning everything that I could about diagnoses and meds that she had.
    First thing this morning I found out that my Pt. was transferred. I know it happens, and I have to roll with the punches, but I was not ready for this.
    I resembled a deer in headlights when I got my new Pt. who had a shopping list of diagnoses and a small novella of meds that he was on.
    My feet were knocked out from under me and I was having trouble recovering when my CI threatened to send me home (rightfully so) because of my fumbling.
    That was the point where I had no choice but to regroup. I worked to hard to get here to be sent home.
    The second half of the day was better and I ( even if just a little) think I redeemed myself.
    The day sucked, but it could have been much worse.
    I am very happy for the CI that I have. I needed that matter of fact kick in the azz. Thanks prof. B.
    I made it through the day, took care of my Pt. and left to carry on for another day.
    What's next. BRING IT ON.
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    How's everyone doing so far?? Haven't seen anymore posted for a while .. Hope all it well
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    Trying to decided if I should get out now, or keep going! Ugh....
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    Clinical day two in the books. The day was soooo much better than last week. Think I am getting the hang of this. Now to study all night for exam #2 tomorrow. Good luck all.
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    First actual day of clinical! At least the first day we were allowed to do patient care. And it was AWESOME. Got up at 5 am (the not so awesome part but its whatever) while my poor roommate was getting to bed after reading all night for class (shes a history major and has late classes). Today we just did CNA cares, but it was a lot of fun meeting the residents! I can't wait for next weeks already!
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    Getting ready for week 2 of clinical tomorrow! We'll be doing a.m. care and meals, and I don't know what else. Oh, and a whole lot of practice taking vitals, which I really need! This is all seeming so real now!!
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    Started in September. One test down (86). Three more to go this semester!! The next one is next week!! ADN c/o 2014 Good Luck to everyone!!
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    I am in my 7th week. It's going well as of now, but we've only had 1 exam, plus an ATI critical thinking test. I got an A on both, but we have test 2 this week and it covers so many chapters! I'm nervous! We are doing videos for skills check off and those are do 11/1. I was excited at first to not have to do them in front of an instructor, but now I'm wishing we could. Clinicals start the first week of Nov. Fun to see how everyones semester is going!
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    We graduate fall of 2014. i am in week 8...I think. Lol. We have had 2 tests in all the classes- I have three main ones plus labs. Heath assessment, fundies, and pharm. All the fundies lab pass offs are done, on to clinicals! I'm getting an A in HA, and Bs in the other two. Darn grading scale is killing me! I've had 92s on 3 tests but 93 or above is an A. We start clinicals after fall break next week. Ooh, I'm so needing a break! Even if it is only two days!
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    I had started August 15th and I will graduate spring 2014 I am still excited and looking forward for the up coming semesters....I already had 2 clinicals 3 more to go and 1 sim/lab, 6 more to go and 4 tests 3 more to go so far i'm at a C avg. which isn't so bad but I hope to pull that up and pass with at least a B at the end of semester

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