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New nursing student here and I'm wondering what everyone recommends as far as a stethoscope. I'm looking to make a one time good investment so price isn't really too much of a concern. Thanks in advance!... Read More

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    Are you in school yet? Might want to hold off and see if they have some you can try. I know Litmann sent our school samples of 5 or 6 of their more popular ones to test out + there were a bunch more in lab so we kinda got an idea what we wanted.

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    I purchased a Littmann Master Classic II when I started nursing school last year. I read many reviews on various websites and chose this one over the Classic II S.E. (which was a popular choice among my classmates) because my hearing could be better

    It has served me well for the past 19 months and I don't plan on purchasing a new one anytime soon.
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    I use an ultrascope on the ambulance as an EMT and in clinicals for nursing school. You can hear lung sounds through a sweat shirt they are that good.

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