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New nursing student here and I'm wondering what everyone recommends as far as a stethoscope. I'm looking to make a one time good investment so price isn't really too much of a concern. Thanks in... Read More

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    Quote from RedHeaded2bNurse16
    Thanks! I've been going back and forth with the se and the cardiac... Do you all think the cardiac is worth it?
    I have both the Classic II SE and the Cardiology III. The SE was what carried me through school...I then decided to upgrade to the Cardiology III. Both are great options, of course I think the Cardiology III is better because it has better acoustics, but as a student you will do just fine with the SE.

    Don't get the Lightweight. Waste of money, IMO, and the acoustics aren't that great.
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    If money wasn't a problem do you think I should go for the cardiology or wait until after school?
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    Stethoscopes have a knack for getting up and walking away... so I've found that most people don't invest in anything particularly high quality until they graduate (and they get a dream scope as a graduation present!)

    On that note, I have the Littman Leightweight II and it has worked just fine in terms of hearing heart and lung sounds, and I got it for $40.
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    Quote from lianna88
    Stethoscopes have a knack for getting up and walking away... .
    When you get yours, unscrew the ring that holds in the diaphragm, take it out, and write your name mirror-image in the inside of the diaphragm (so it's legible right-side-up from the outside). Replace it and put the ring back with the name on the inside (it won't rub off that way).

    Now your stethoscope has your name on it where it cannot be removed without making it nonfunctional.

    I also used to attach my pen to my steth on a length of IV tubing long enough to put the pen in my pocket (a little bit of superglue to put the pen on the tubing, then glue the loop of tubing to itself around the chestpiece, not to the steth tubing). "Sure, you can borrow my stethoscope to listen to my patient's chest, Dr Smith. I know you don't want my pen dangling from it so you'll be sure to give it back."
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    Can you end up overkill on your stethoscope choice? I'm looking at a Littmann Classic II SE. I guess it is in between a lightweight and a cardiology? Decisions, decisions.

    Sorry that I don't have any advice, OP. I'm in the same boat myself.
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    Quote from RedHeaded2bNurse16
    If money wasn't a problem do you think I should go for the cardiology or wait until after school?
    I used a cardiology 3 during nursing school, and 5 years after ( the same one!) I finally have to get new plastic rims to hold the diaphragm on. No big deal.. I plan to send it to littman to have it maintained.
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    I would go with Littmsn Cardiology iii. I have a Littmane light SE, Littman SE and an Ultrascope also. There is no comparison. Worth every penny. I wish I bought it in nursing school!
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    Are you in school yet? Might want to hold off and see if they have some you can try. I know Litmann sent our school samples of 5 or 6 of their more popular ones to test out + there were a bunch more in lab so we kinda got an idea what we wanted.
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    I purchased a Littmann Master Classic II when I started nursing school last year. I read many reviews on various websites and chose this one over the Classic II S.E. (which was a popular choice among my classmates) because my hearing could be better

    It has served me well for the past 19 months and I don't plan on purchasing a new one anytime soon.
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    I use an ultrascope on the ambulance as an EMT and in clinicals for nursing school. You can hear lung sounds through a sweat shirt they are that good.