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    Quote from Stephalump
    Personally, I joined this site solely for posting on my school's local thread during the application cycle. So now that I've met my fellow nursing students, I'n easily recognizable by at least 40 people out there. Meaning I only have endless LOVE for my program, fellow students, and professors And clinical assignments? What clinical assignments???
    Yup. This is how I've recognized people and been recognized. I had a classmate come up to me once and say "What's up HIDDENCAT!" as in, actually using my sn here, and I ran in to a graduate of my program who I just got this feeling was a certain poster here and I was right.

    Specialties are small communities too, and take a specialty and your general's amazing how narrowed down things can get.

    If I ever decide to delete my account and come back "fresh" I won't disclose my state or my school program. But I'm too attached to all my "likes" to seriously consider that, lol!
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    And now you never know if your post is going to win the "lotto" and end up on Facebook, not super thrilled with that one!
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    Quote from ZooMommyRN
    And now you never know if your post is going to win the "lotto" and end up on Facebook, not super thrilled with that one!
    Yup, me neither. I just found out about that yesterday. I post here instead of my Facebook status for a reason!
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    Periodically, threads like this are started to remind members and those new to online websites, that anything one posts is instantanously available for the world to see. Allnurses is heavily indexed by search engines who tag our content/conversations under health categories.. That is why when you search a topic "nursing schools", " nursing activism", "nursing resume help" we are in the top of search returns.

    Ps: We do reopen threads when salvageable.
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