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    Other than to see someones ethnicity what is the purpose for attaching a photo to an application? Isn't this against the law and discrimination?

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    Oh my! I can't see how in the word that would be legal! That's least for those of us not applying to that program!
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    A photo shows more than ethnicity...

    Candidate A)

    Candidate B)

    Ive made my point.
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    I had to attach a photo to my application too. That was 2 years ago. I never thought anything about it. I know here to apply for a job with the chicago police dept etc, you have to send a photo also.
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    Well this is for Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing here in CT. I applied last year and didn't get in but never thought about the photo until now because I'm applying again. I know the competition is VERY tuff but it makes me wonder how they go about selecting their applicants.
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    I've been in admmissions (grad and undergrad) for over 20 years. A former employer used to use photos in freshmen applications. There were 3 reasons for this:
    1. Identify gender (we had many international applicants)
    2. Identify ethnicity
    3. Remind the admissions counselor if they had met the applicant in person before (sort of to jog the memory).

    My present school does not use photos at all. We want the admissions committee to focus on the portfolio (application, recommendations, transcripts, etc) only.
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    Until recently, the Texas BON required a photo to be submitted with the initial application for licensure.
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    Quote from BortaZinTx
    Until recently, the Texas BON required a photo to be submitted with the initial application for licensure.
    I had to submit a photo to the NCBON.

    When I took NCLEX they photographed me in the anteroom and fingerprinted me. Then I stepped thru a door into a small foyer (not 6 feet away and no other way in or out) and they checked my photo and prints before I could enter the test room!! If you had to leave the test room they fingerprinted you again before readmission to the test room.

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    Haha, yikes.
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    I'm not sure about the photos for the application process, and here is why.

    I used to work in an academic department at a health care system and was the coordinator for the residency program. In the past, applicants had to supply a photo with their application, and that photo was made immediately available to all faculty reviewing the file. At one point (probably about 8 years ago) they changed this and the photo was held by the coordinator (or person handling the applications as they came in) until the candidates that were being interviewed were selected, then they could look at the photos prior to the interview.

    About a year or two after that they went to an electronic application system where it was up to the applicant if they WANTED to submit a photo. If they did, the faculty reviewing applications could not access the photo until the applicant had been selected for interview.

    These practices were put in place to prevent discrimination and cultural bias in the candidate selection process. The school that you are applying to may have a similar situation in place, where the photo is only viewed after the candidate is selected for interview.

    Hope that helps!

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