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  1. mattfd37

    Non-compliance procedure

    Yea it's with the Influenza shot I believe. All letters to parents have to be approved by the BOE! SMH
  2. mattfd37

    Non-compliance procedure

    So we just got SNAP (had Health Master) and we are doing immunizations and are finding non-compliance in a lot of students all over the District. The Supervisor would like us to call to MD's office and clarify the record, and if required, tell them that student will need a booster etc.. Then the MD's office gets hostile with you and ignores your request. Then we have to contact the parent and let them know, and in some cases (with the live vaccines), tell them we have to exclude them from school until it is completed (mind you, this is for all grades). This obviously takes a tremendous amount of time we don't have. We want to just send a letter to the parent stating they are non-comp and leave it up to them to contact their MD. I'm tired of being the immunization cop, my name is not stamped on the physical saying everything is up to date. Just curious how some of you handle the process. Thanks!
  3. mattfd37

    How do your students address you?

    Nurse Matt
  4. mattfd37

    Puberty class

    You do the males? In all 6 of our ES's, the 5th grade male teachers do it. I'm used as a backup only because they've been doing it for years. We use the pgprogram as well. The videos are pretty good and answer a lot.
  5. mattfd37

    Do you ever say "no" to an inhaler request?

    Absolutely! We have kids that come in and say they need their inhaler and when asked why "I just think I need it". If their lungs are clear in all fields, they sit with water and are rechecked after a few, if no changes RTC. Wheezes and chest tightness I will obviously give it to them, but some are just using it for avoidance reasons and sympathy.
  6. mattfd37

    Head Injuries

    Just curious if you guys have policies/procedures for teachers/staff to follow when a child has a possible head injury. I had a call where the child fell on the play scape and couldn't move. I got there to find the teacher ambulating the child to me. I instructed them to sit on the bench and one look at the kid I called 911. They ended up having a concussion. This seems to be a common practice with teachers/staff. Any thoughts?
  7. mattfd37

    Do you wear scrubs?

    I wear scrub pants and a navy blue t-shirt with RN/Caduceus on the chest and NURSE on the back. Sometimes I'll wear scrub tops.
  8. mattfd37

    Facial Drooping in Adolescent

    This happened to me 2 months ago while at school, it was Bells. I waited til school was over and went to ER and got tons of Prednisone for 10 days. As far as EMS, we would just take vitals and drop off in triage.
  9. mattfd37

    How many students?

    I float, but the HS has 2LPN and 1RN for 2000+, 2 MS's have 1LPN and 1 RN with 800+ and the other 8 ES have 1 RN except for one that has 800 kids which has 2 RN's. Only RN's can have their own school which stinks b/c the 3 LPN's we have, have at least 60yrs experience combined.
  10. mattfd37

    BOE Misfits

    So we are under the BOE, which means someone on the Board has to oversee us. Traditionally, no member wants us, BUT it went to the Head of Special Ed. As we all know, every Board member is uniquely unqualified to supervise us, but this is how it is for now. Our Supervisor who is part of our union (not sure why) has no Admin privileges, nor does she even see herself as an Admin (unfortunately!) My questions are: how is your chain of command structured? If you have a Dir of Nursing, how did that happen? Is your immediate Supervisor in your union? And how are you recognized by the BOE when important nursing issues occur? Ultimately I want her job when she is ready to retire, and want to have my ducks in a row when it comes time for battle!
  11. mattfd37

    Anyone work in two different buildings?

    I'm the float for the District, so I travel to all 13 schools. I'll start at the middle schools and work my way to a smaller school if needed.
  12. mattfd37

    Calling EMS

    Unless you have a 12 lead, IV's and a lab, how can you be 100% sure of what you have? EMS has some of those tools, but even we err the side of caution and transport the patient. Yes, we might roll our eyes (I'm guilty), but these are kids whose bodies can compensate for a lot of things. It's always better to be safe than sorry.
  13. mattfd37

    What do you wear to work as a school nurse?

    I wear scrub bottoms and Navy colored t-shirt with RN on left chest and NURSE along the back that I made at customink.com (3 for $100!!!) rip off but they should last for a while. Other nurses in this district wear casual along with sandals.
  14. mattfd37

    What computer program do you use?

    Thanks for your input! It's interesting how many programs are out there. Now rumor has it we are going to SNAP, and by looking of the responses might be the way to go. I hope it can integrate with Power School though.
  15. mattfd37

    What computer program do you use?

    Our District uses Health Office 5.7 which is seems soooooo archaic. It has some potential, but also has it's limitations. We also don't use it 100% of the time. Many nurses continue to write on paper or the chart because of this program. They are looking at upgrading but only upgrading Health Office. Is there another program you use and would recommend?