Any older students??

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    I just turned 28 in November & will be starting college in the Fall of 2013 to get my BSN. I've just not had the time or money to be able to pursue my career until now. I realize that having been out of school for 10 years getting in the swing of things will be somewhat difficult, but I'm hoping that my level of maturity will really help my resolve & drive. Is anyone else in my same boat or been in it? And advice?
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    I think it will. I'm older as well and I feel that all the experience I've gained through life has helped me a lot. I think that I study, remember, and reason better than I would have right out of high school. My class is a mixture of young and older, and it seems like the older ones are doing a little better with the content.

    I also think that older students are a little less prone to the social aspect of school and clinicals. It seemed like the instructors were pushing the whole "lifelong friends from nursing school" on the first day. I was laughing becuase I feel like I won't be close friends with anyone in my class. You do kind of have the "misery loves company" type of friendships, but in the grand scheme of things, i.e. school, life, career, people you went to school with are way down on the list of important things.

    I think younger students are great in other ways though. The ones in my class tend to be very outgoing and positive. I just finished the first block so I'll have to wait a couple weeks to see how they did, and if they passed.

    A drawback of being a more mature student, I have found, is that we possible have more demands than someone right out of high school might, such as kids, mortgages, jobs, family, and other demands on our time. If you can manage those things you should be fine.

    One mistake I have noticed with other students, regardless of age, is that they wait too long to change things if they begin to fall back in class. We had a lot of people going into the finals on the verge of failing, and having to get an awesome score on the final just to pass. Our school requires a minimum of 76% average on all tests. If you get anywhere near that on your first or second test, change things up. Either read more, make more note cards or flash cards, start or stop a study group. Do whatever it takes to give yourself a small cushion going into finals becuase you never know what may come up in life.

    I don't know if any of this makes sense or helps, but there it is
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    I was 38 when I started and had been out of school for 20 years.I was feeling pretty rusty but it was something I really wanted so I dug in. I do think that mature students have an edge.I was a lot more serious and not interested in fooling around. I also think that being older helped when it came to dealing with patients.At 18 I couldn't have walked into a complete strangers room and enquired about the number and consistency of their

    I was far from the oldest in class.The oldest was 52.Some remain close freinds to this day.Five of them work where I do.
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    Yes I was 29 when I started my BSN and I graduate this coming semester It is weird because when I was at the community college and was younger it seemed like there were a ton of older students and tehn I had a family and took a few years off and at my university everyone is around 21,22, and 23ish...Mostly it doesnt bother me but I think just being a mom and stuff kinda sets me apart..not so much age. Ive still made a ton of friends!
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    Thank you everyone! You've kind of put my mind at ease. Because of a medical condition, I don't & can't have children so that wouldn't be an issue to interfere with school & my fiancé is the most supportive man in terms of really pushing me to do what I've always wanted to do. I'm past the age of wanting to hang out, get drunk, and be crazy...I'm really wanting to focus on education. It makes me feel better to know there are other people like me that have waited to start school as late as I have.
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    I will be 26 when I finish my program! There are tons of older people in program!
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    Graduated with my BSN this year, 1 week before I turned 31. Average median age range in class was 30-50 when we graduated.

    Age is just a number. Don't hang up on the age thing, especially when 90 year olds are getting doctorates. :0D
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    There are lots of threads on AN about older students and their experiences, both positive and negative. You'll find you're hardly alone and in the world of nursing school you're nowhere near the oldest.

    Good luck on your journey!
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    Went back to school at 35, graduated with my BSN 2 weeks prior to turning 41
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  12. 4 the time I finish my BSN I'll be in my 40's. Better late then never

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