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I just turned 28 in November & will be starting college in the Fall of 2013 to get my BSN. I've just not had the time or money to be able to pursue my career until now. I realize that having been out of school for 10 years... Read More

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    I started back at school when I was 33 years old and, hopefully, will be starting my BSN program this fall when I am 36. I just was not in the right place to start back in school until a few years back, and I am very happy that I waited. I think that I am a better student now than I would have been 10 years ago. I am driven and I have had a lot of time to make sure this is what I really want to do, and it is and I am willing to give up a lot of things to make this happen!

    I also understand about being angry at your parents. I was restricted to only going to a local commuter college, and at 18, I was not very motivated to go to school because of that. I quit after a semester to manage a retail store and then went back to a local "trade" school to get my degree in occupational therapy, which I never really wanted to do, but the school was close and it was in healthcare, which is the field I always wanted to be in, and it was better than folding jeans all day! But, all of this led me to working with a couple of ER nurses and I figured out that I wanted to be a nurse.

    Sometimes the road is longer than anticipated about getting to nursing school, but I really feel it is experiences that we receive along the way that will help us get through school and become really fabulous nurses! Good luck with your degree!!
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    Hmm, I was 28 when I was in LPN school and I was among one of the younger students. And almost all the ones who dropped out were in the 21 or younger crowd....
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    I started LPN school at 39, I'm starting RN school at 43. Your never to old
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    28 is not old
    I'm 38 and will have my ADN before I'm 40, God willing!!!
    Who knows if I will advance from there. I'm not going to let my age stop me.
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    I know 28 isn't "old", just out of the educational game for awhile. I got a couple of study books to get ready for my math and science placement tests for my school and Algebra seemed like a foreign language to me until I started back reading through everything! In my job now, I do a lot of math, but not just straight algebra.
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    Quote from KristinaW
    I just turned 28 in November & will be starting college in the Fall of 2013 to get my BSN. I've just not had the time or money to be able to pursue my career until now. I realize that having been out of school for 10 years getting in the swing of things will be somewhat difficult, but I'm hoping that my level of maturity will really help my resolve & drive. Is anyone else in my same boat or been in it? And advice?
    The best cohort, in my opinion, is a mix of every age. In my cohort, we have students in their early twenties to the oldest which is in the late forties. We informally have a dad and a mom for the cohort as these two classmates acted like parents for our group. Other older classmates take the role of older brothers and sisters and we take care of the younger members of our cohort when they needed help in life.

    My dad got hid PH.D. In his 50s. One of my classmate in a Geri class is her her 60s and she is getting her social worker degree.
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    It's never too late. We have a lady in her mid 50's in my LPN program! And one who is 42, 3 in their 30's, and then me. I am 28 and I am JUST starting out too. I feel like I am glad I started a little bit later because I am more mature and dedicated than the younger students. I plan on going all the way to my doctorate, but taking one step at a time. I am halfway through the LPN program now and am loving it. It is awesome to be doing something with my life. I also know someone who has a friend who became a surgeon in his 50's, worked for ten years, and then retired. So, go for it!
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    I turned 46 two days ago and I start my RN program next week!
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    I started in my 30's taking one class at a time because I was full-time mom and worked full-time. I graduate this year at 47 with my ASN and will be working on my BSN right away. I was a Surgical Tech. for 20+ years and and finally got here to where I should have been all along. It can be done!!!!
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    I've been really worried about my age and beginning my nursing journey. I start a 14 month absn on 14 jan. I am 26. I am not the oldest, but I see all these young students and think why didn't I start earlier. I'm not so much worried about school, more so about when will I have time for a family. My husband and I don't have children but would like to try. I just keep thinking that I will be super old by the time I'm done with everything

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