2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws 2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws | allnurses

2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws

  1. 0 Wow, this just dawned on me. I am starting my LPN to RN bridge program soon. I am granted the first years nursing credits due to being an LPN. So, I'll start my nursing classes at the 2nd year 1st semester level.

    My question is this...when did you learn to place iv's and draw blood? States vary in what an LPN can do, in my State we cannot start iv's or draw blood unless we get additional training or take additional classes after graduation. I was never taught placing an iv or blood draws. So, I'm thinking its got to be 2nd year as why would they (schools with LPN to RN programs) allow you to bypass taking the 1st year nursing classes if you will have missed skills etc that are in that first year of classes.

    So..when did you learn it?
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    I go to Gateway and have not seen nor heard of students doing IV's or BD. I just completed the 3rd sem. Yale and Midstate have the lab come do that. Maybe its different at Uconn, Southern or some other school for clinicals but I don't believe its part of the CtCC cirriculum. Its becoming a lost art for nurses.
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    I just completed my 4th of 5 semesters. We learned IV starts in our third semester and once we were checked off on them in lab, we were allowed to do them at clinical. With our instructor's supervision of course. This semester we learned blood draws. I personally, did not get to do BD at clinicals. At my hospital, the lab would always draw blood. At least when I was at clinical. We had an LPN-RN student in our clinical group who had no IV experience and our instructor taught her at clinical.
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    4th week of lab first semester for us.
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    We were taught IVs on a plastic dummy arm/hand, or a "virtual" computerized program (which did not help in the least). We were not allowed to actually place IVs due to hospital policy where we did clinicals, but we could d/c them. During hospital orientation we were also trained and checked off in a skills lab for IV placement. I've been working almost a year now and although I would like to learn how, I have yet to do any blood draws (other than from PICC or CL). The lab does all of ours.
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    I'm going in to my 2nd year of my AND and we learn how to do them then but on dummy patients in the nursing labs....unfortunately we are allowed to do them in the hospitals during school but they teach us 3rd semester
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    The beginning of our 3rd semester and it's a 4 semester ADN program.
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    We got a 5 minute practice on a fake man arm that gave us permission to do them in a real setting in our third semester, so same semester you are starting. I practiced on my Teenager
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    I'd love to practice on real arms but we can't. We can d/c and flush as LPNs, but we can't do IVPs, starts, or do BD.
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    First week of 3rd semster! Eeeek!
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    so it sounds as though the majority of you learned in the 3rd semester. Good to know.
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    2 year ADN program, we don't learn them.
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    We learn IVs in the third semester. Most schools around here don't teach phlebotomy, which drives me nuts because I am a lab supervisor and I think nurses should absolutely know how to draw blood (so I don't have to waste our employers resources by sending someone out for two hours to draw a stat blood at one of our nursing homes when I have a courier in the area that could easily pick up something and get it back to the lab ASAP. If it is truly a stat, having to wait for someone to get from the hospital to the facility and back again instead of a nurse just drawing it and sending a cab is a disservice to the patient.) I've had nursing students come work in the lab just so they could learn how to draw blood....