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  1. ohcomeon

    Unemployed-need FREE NCLEX-RN study suggestions

    Most of the books I used to study came from the library. Here is what I used: Kaplan NCLEX Review Saunders 5th edition Exam Cram Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by LaCharity I didn't pay anything for any of my study materials and I did not do a review course and I managed to pass in 75 questions. Good luck to you!
  2. ohcomeon

    Potential nursing students who dont want to hear the truth

    Who are we to discourage someone from their dreams? It has always been my "dream" to become a nurse. There I said it. I wish I would have done it the first time I went to college right out of high school instead of getting the degree I ended up with. I was fully aware going into the nursing program that the job market was not good. I did the research and read hundreds of posts on this site. I was fully expecting to not be able to find a job soon after graduation. I did not do the right things during school like become a CNA or PCT. I was barely able to make it through school with a husband that worked a million hours to keep us afloat (barely), and three little kids at home. But I did it, without any loans, and at the top of my class. And guess what? Two weeks after passing my NCLEX, I was offered a job. And it just so happens to be in my "dream area".
  3. I just wanted to tell you both congratulations! I graduated this past December from LCCC and it's an awesome program. Good luck to you guys!
  4. ohcomeon

    I got a job!

    ADN with a BS in another field.
  5. ohcomeon

    I got a job!

    Thank you everyone! To the poster who asked, I applied at the end of December. This hospital does three rounds of interviews, HR, manager, peer interview so the whole process took some time. I am so excited to start! Oh and I am in Ohio btw.
  6. ohcomeon

    I got a job!

    I was so worried that entire time I was in school that I would not be able to find a job after graduation. I had read all the posts about what a difficult time people were having finding jobs and I just knew it was going to be like that for me too. But I am happy to report that I was offered a job, my dream job actually, yesterday! I graduated in December 2011, took my NCLEX Feb. 27th and was offered a job 2 1/2 weeks after officially receiving my license. Anyways I just wanted to share with you guys. Good luck to everyone that is job hunting!
  7. ohcomeon

    Not having answers to interview questions

    This is sooo true! I have already seen this happening with people that I graduated with. People who barely passed nursing school, who go out drinking every night and brag about it on fb, they can get a job, but I cannot. I knew all along that when it comes to getting a job that grades don't matter, that it's who you know, but when you actually see that happening it kind of stings.
  8. ohcomeon

    Not having answers to interview questions

    Thanks for the replies. I will definitely check out that book. I did try to answer honestly, I did say I never made a med error. I also was asked about a time where something affected me personally and patient care suffered. Ugh I said well that has never really happened but I did talk about how when I precepted on nights while still trying to keep a daytime schedule for class and other clinicals without getting a lot of sleep how I could see that that could affect patient care. Now I'm like why did I say that? I didn't mean that my patient care suffered just that if you didn't adequately prepare for working nights how I could see that that could happen. But I think I was rambling and it all came out wrong. I definitely need some help! If every interviewer asks these types of questions then I am never going to get a job!
  9. ohcomeon

    Not having answers to interview questions

    Thanks for the replies. Actually these interviews were with the hiring managers! I actually felt my HR interview went better. Both times they have used a booklet of questions that they said they are required to ask of everyone. So of course some don't apply when you are a new grad with hardly any experience.
  10. ohcomeon

    How fast can I try the PVT Pop up trick??!?!?!

    I had only one math and it was adding up a patient's total output! I was thinking geez I am doing so bad that they are giving me a basic addition question?!?Hope you get your official results soon!
  11. I don't know how else to title this really. I have been on two interviews. At each one, there are questions that come up where I just do not have an answer. I just graduated, so no nursing experience other than school/clinicals. I have been asked about making a mistake or error where patient care was affected. I did not have an answer for this. I haven't made an error. In school, they have so many safeguards in place so it is next to impossible to make an error at clinicals. I told the interviewer this. I was also asked about a time where I questioned my decision to become a nurse. Again, this is hard for a new grad to answer. I said something about a time when I had a patient yell and scream at me. Also a time in my life where something affected the quality of patient care that I provided. Ugh, of course I play the whole interview scenario over and over again in my mind and I feel like I am answering these types of questions poorly. I just don't have the experience to draw on to come up with a better answer. Sorry. I guess this was a vent really.
  12. ohcomeon

    How fast can I try the PVT Pop up trick??!?!?!

    My results were on the board of nursing's website on Wednesday morning (took the test Monday afternoon), before my quick results were even available. I'm sure you passed! :w00t:
  13. ohcomeon

    How fast can I try the PVT Pop up trick??!?!?!

    I did the same! Finished at 2:30, raced home to check, and as soon I got home, around 3:00, I got the good pop-up. I think you are fine as long as it says "delivery successful" on your Pearsonvue account. Congrats!!
  14. ohcomeon

    Want recommended NCLEX prep books

    Saunders Kaplan Exam Cram I used those three in addition to LaCharity.
  15. ohcomeon

    SATA questions

    I was doing the same right before my nclex. I even did all 295 alternate format questions on the Saunders CD one day. I swear I only got 1/3 of them right! I was soooo worried about them on the nclex. I actually think the questions on the nclex weren't as difficult as the practice questions I had been doing. Usually you can rule out the incorrect answers pretty easily. I ended up getting somewhere between 15-20 SATA on my test (and I passed). Good Luck!
  16. ohcomeon

    Nclex this am