2 year RN. hard to get job ?

  1. I live in ohio and I'm going to a 2 year RN program. Is it hard to get hired with Your associates fresh out of school ?

    I also have a bachelors in Exercise Physiology.

    Thank you !
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Even with your previous bachelors degree, HR personnel will still consider you an RN with an associates degree. Due to the sluggish economy and the mass production of so many new nurses in recent years, many hospital systems are either preferring or outright demanding that new grad applicants be educated at the BSN degree level to be eligible for jobs within their companies.

    The BSN degree is the new weed-out tool because it effectively cuts the applicant pool in half, which saves HR significant time and effort.

    However, if your heart is not dead set on hospital employment, you should be able to secure employment in home health, clinics, hospice, nursing homes, LTAC, prisons, and other areas outside the acute care hospital. Also, if you are willing to relocate to areas where RNs with associate degrees are still hired in hospitals, you should have no problems.
  4. by   twinner05
    Ya I would be fine with working outside of a hospital never even thouggt about that ! Great points, thanks so much
  5. by   Esme12
    Really depends on where you re in Ohio...I have heard from friend yes and some friends no.
  6. by   AgentBeast
    Yeah it's not that bad to get a job with an ADN and RN license in Ohio.
  7. by   kaydensmom01
    I live in Ohio and there is no problem for ADN nurses getting hospital jobs here in the eastern part.
  8. by   Katie71275
    I don't know about Ohio, but in my area(Louisiana), not hard at all!
  9. by   Blondenurse83
    I live in northeast ohio and have a previous BA and an ADN and I worked in a nursing home for a year and a half and now have been in a large hospital for over 2 years...so I have had luck with an ADN! Good luck