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Blondenurse83 has 6 years experience and specializes in Med Surg.

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  1. Blondenurse83

    ADN worth it in the Cleveland market?

    I work at CCF and we are hiring ADN nurses, you just have to sign an agreement to get your BSN within 5 years.
  2. Blondenurse83

    Strange CoWorker Stories

    My dumb phone keeps not letting me quote lindseylpn, but all I gotta say to the two ladies sharing a husband is: w...t...f!!!! 😳😖
  3. Blondenurse83

    Strange CoWorker Stories

    A former coworker of mine used to wear an X-ray apron around the unit (which isn't radiation, it's a med surg unit) because she was convinced the rooms were radioactive 😳 She also thought the computers and WOWs had cameras inside them monitoring us. She would say "be careful what you do, they're watching you!" Freaky!
  4. Blondenurse83

    New Grad...Is this typical?

    I also did not have much opportunity for these things in nursing school. I only started one IV and never cared for a foley, trach or chest tube. I just developed these skills as I began working. You will get the hang of things once you actually do them, and experienced nurses will be willing to help. Good luck!
  5. Blondenurse83

    New Grad drowning in LTC

    Sorry you are dealing with all of this! I started my nursing career in LTC as my first job, and it was pretty overwhelming. Having so many patients to pass meds on and assess as well as dealing with staffing issues and everything else was difficult. Hang in there, I learned a lot and I think it really benefited me when I moved on to a hospital position. I really did learn a lot of prioritization and time management skills that helped me. Good luck!!
  6. Blondenurse83

    Someone got a $25K signing bonus at a hospital in OH?!

    I got a 2500 bonus about 6 years ago when I was starting out at a nursing home in Ohio. I now work in a hospital and haven't heard of anything like that. Good luck!
  7. Blondenurse83

    LTC experience is worse than no experience? True/false?

    I worked in LTC as my first nursing job, and then moved onto an acute position in a hospital. It didn't hurt me, and the job market was just as bad when I graduated. I say money and experience in nursing is better than no money and no nursing experience! Good luck.
  8. Blondenurse83

    giving D50 for hyperkalemia

    We use that on my unit, and it is pushed along with the insulin. It is difficult to push due to the consistency of the D50 so it usually takes awhile (5 minutes to push).
  9. Blondenurse83

    Question about FNP program clinical sites/preceptors

    I am in the program but am only 3 classes in and haven't started looking too much for preceptors, but I think you are pretty much on your own, from what I hear from other students. I am starting to think about it now. Good luck!
  10. Blondenurse83

    Excellence with Clinical now

    I am in the class now. Don't worry about the clinical component, it is just a project basically and you have to have someone with a BSN agree to be a mentor that you can bounce ideas off of. You have broad categories such as patient safety or patient centered care to do the project on. It spans over the 5 weeks and is most of your assignments. I'm in week 1 and it really doesn't seem too bad. Hope this helps!
  11. Blondenurse83

    4600 Role call

    I'm in!!
  12. Blondenurse83

    Third tier class requirements for Ohio

    I was thinking of the junior level comp, not the third tier. 4600 does meet the third tier.
  13. Blondenurse83

    Third tier class requirements for Ohio

    I have a previous bachelors degree in history and political science, and my history capstone class (400 level I believe) was accepted for the tier 3 requirement. Good luck!
  14. Blondenurse83

    4530 Who is in?

    I got dinged a point for the reading level. I tried my best to make it simpe but I guess it wasn't simple enough. What a dumb assignment, in my opinion...how many nurses write letters like that?! Ugh come on Christmas break!
  15. Blondenurse83

    Anybody ever work for HCR Manorcare/Heartland

    Yeah that orientation sounds amazing for manor care! I also worked for them as a new grad on their rehab unit and I got 4 days and then was thrown on my own! However, my pay was comparable to hospitals in the area (I live in ohio) and I learned a lot! Good luck.
  16. I am from the Akron area and graduated in 2009 with an associates degree in nursing. I also have a BA in another field. I was able to get a job in a nursing home quickly after graduation, I worked on a rehab wing. I applied to hospital jobs everyday and was hired at a hospital a year and a half later. It may be hard to get into a hospital without a BSN, as many are requiring it or on hiring freezes. You will probably be able to find something outside of the hospital setting. Good luck!