Young Nurses!

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    I'm 22 and I just want to see how many young nurses in their 20's are really out there! (Not to offend anyone in their 30's or older!) they say there are less young nurses emerging into the field these days I'm not sure if I believe that! Show of hands ! ?
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    I'm 21 and a lot of people in my graduating class are in their twenties
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    I graduated from my RN program at 20 and started working immediately thereafter. I am now 26, and on the particular unit I am on the majority of nurses are early-late 20's. At your age I am sure you will have no problem finding an area of nursing that is a good fit for you with coworkers around your age
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    I'm 28, guess that's not really too young. But I was 25 when I graduated nursing school.
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    Graduated with my BSN at 22, been a nurse over two years now. 98% of my class was right around the same age.
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    23, have been working for a little over a year
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    I enrolled in an LPN/LVN program at age 23 and graduated at 24 years of age in 2005. I enrolled in an LPN-to-RN (ASN) completion program at age 28 and graduated at age 29.

    I'm 32 years old right now, so I am a little too 'old' to be considered a 'young' nurse, but that was not always the case.
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    I graduated & became a LVN at 21 & I'm 25 now. I'm applying to an ADN program so hopefully I'll be a RN soon!
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    Graduated my LPN program at 22 and just became an RN at 24. Hopefully moving on to my masters in a few years!! I was the youngest in my LPN and RN program!
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    Graduated with my LPN at 22 and I will be graduating with my RN just weeks before my 26th birthday

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