Year 1 Down!

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    I officially have 1 year of nursing under my belt I know I'm not seasoned yet but its exciting to look back at all that I learned this past year and think about all there is still to learn. I've met so many amazing patients this year too who have touched and inspired me. I wont lie, even as a new nurse I still feel burned out every now and then but overall I'm so excited to have many more years of nursing ahead of me. We have the best job!!
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    Congratulations! What a great feeling. I'm looking forward to being able to say this too!
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    Congratulations! It's very refreshing to hear excitement despite some days of hell lol. Just think of how much you'll learn in this second year
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    Very nice! I too have my first year of RN behind me. As I look back I am pretty encouraged by the critical thinking and confidence growth. I took a new job in ED and am thrilled! I do have 1 serious regret... I really wish I would have matured at a younger age, because there are so many exciting "avenues" in nursing to explore, and I am past the age of possibilities on some of them. Congrats to you!!!
    (Really wondered if this day ever existed when I was in nursing school)
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    First off, Congrats Tarabara!!!! I can't wait 'til I can say the same!

    And exit96 when do you mean? What avenues do you feel you past the age of possibilities on?
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    Congratulations! I hope to be saying the same thing by 2014/2015!
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    Congrats! Any advice handling confusing, potential unsafe situations? Can't find a good mentor at work. Am 5 months from my 1 year mark. Am often 1 of 2 RNs on Med/Surge floor, work nights, 5-6 (sometimes 7) patients per nurse and pushing meds for new LPNs. Just feel confused most of the time as I won't get feed back on my performance till weeks/months after the fact when details are fuzzy. The usual answer I get after realizing potential problems is "don't worry about're one got hurt". Appreciate advice from anyone. Would love to re-post at my one year mark
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    Well I am 49 and I would have liked to go on with schooling, and maybe be a flight nurse, but at my age I cannot justify the financial cost as I would never recoup in time to be feasible. And I am not as limber as I used to be, concerning flight nursing. I started after my dream profession way too late in life.
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    Congratulations! I know it may seem a short time but you learn a lot from this one year of nursing!
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    Thanks everyone!

    Jarhead, I'm sorry you're work situation isnt supportive. I'm lucky to work with a great group of people who I can always turn to when I have questions. What about the nurse who trained you during orientation? Do you feel they can be a source to go to? It may sound obvious but I guess I would advise to always double, triple, quadruple check everything, dont get complacent and chart to CYA. I wish there was something better I could tell you :/

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