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  1. Tarabara

    Our Death-Defying, Death-Denying Society

    I could not agree with you more OP. While I do think every patient/family has the right to decide on their treatment and when to say enough is enough I also believe there needs to be more discussion about what exactly these treatments entail. I've seen many people well into their 70s or 80s offered chemo, radiation, etc for their cancer when they have a very poor prognosis and just feel miserable with the treatment. Just as with the discussion of DNR/DNI, I think most patients and families dont understand that it has a low success rate and people dont just wake up back to their old selves like on tv.
  2. Next time you come on here asking for homework help please at least give your thoughts first. We're here to help, not do it for you. There are a lot of factors with this patient, low O2 sat, bleeding ulcer, pain, DM, drinking, you had to have some ideas for diagnoses yourself.
  3. Tarabara

    Describe the Ugliest Scrubs You Have Seen!

    Oh man i havent laughed that hard in a long time, thanks for that!
  4. Tarabara

    ASU Nursing Program Spring 2011 hopefuls

    I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with me that the first day/week is very overwhelming because they bombard you with a ton of info. Just know that this is going to happen and try not to let it stress you. You dont need to remember everything they said, they'll go over any thing important again as they come up later. So just try to relax and make friends, you'll need your classmates! Also, definitely get a planner and write down when all exams and big assignments for the semester are due so you can plan ahead as the semester goes on. Have fun!
  5. Tarabara

    New grad NICU program

    Thank you for the responses. I am currently a volunteer in postpartum at a hospital near me. Unfortunately though the hospitals arent hiring in arizona in NICU at all. A friend of mine has been a volunteer in the NICU for 2 years and knows a girl there who has been working in NICU there as a tech for a while and she cant even get a job that way. They simply arent hiring in NICU at all So I would definitely have to move. But I'm ok with that I kinda want to get out of Arizona anyway.
  6. Tarabara

    Did i do the right thing?

    I wanted to add just so you know, PRN means "as needed". PRN meds are meds that arent taken on a regular basis, they are only taken as needed such as a tylenol for pain.
  7. Tarabara

    New grad NICU program

    Thank you SO much!! I am very willing to put in the work to search for jobs but its so helpful to have a place to start so i really appreciate the info!
  8. Tarabara

    New grad NICU program

    Does anyone know of any states and/or hospitals that have new grad programs in the NICU? I'm in Arizona and there are NO new grad programs for NICU at all in the state. The 2 major childrens hospitals with level 3 NICUs havent hired in years. I know NICU is competitive but I am willing to move just about anywhere and I have seen some people say they're doing a new grad nicu program so please tell me where these are! Thank you!
  9. Tarabara

    ASU Summer of 2011 applicants!

    Congrats to all those who made it!! :) And for those of you who didnt, dont give up you'll make it too! I am about to finish my Sr 1 semester (im in class with tttt) so any questions you guys have about the program, dont hesitate to ask :) Take full advantage of any free time you have now and sleep as much as possible, you'll be missing it soon lol
  10. Tarabara

    For those of you who are certified in CPR?

    No you would not be demonstrating on an actual person, just dummys. I would bring a pencil or pen and maybe fold up a blank piece of paper in your pocket just in case but i dont remember needing to write things down because they gave us a booklet with the info. I dont know if its the same for all CPR classes but in the one i took there were about 5-6 dummys and after they taught us they'd have us demonstrate as a group. There was also a short quiz at the end. No i have not used CPR in an emergency situation but it is kinda nice to know that i'd have at least some idea of what to do!
  11. Tarabara

    MCC or ASU?

    hey wannabenurse, sorry for some reason i didnt get an email that there was a response to this thread until candice wrote. To add on to what candice said, the 2 B's in english may hurt you but as long as the rest of your 13 pre-req classes are As you should be fine. Plus, like I said they are now accepting applicants 3 times a year so at least if you dont get in the first time you apply you only have a wait a couple months before applying again instead of 6+ months. The change that candice was talking about is that students who apply with most of their pre-reqs from ASU instead of a CC will get a multiplier added to their score. So it might be a bit more difficult when applying against a lot of people who took their prereqs at ASU. However, many if not most of the people in my class took theirs at a CC. I know it sounds like impossible to get into the ASU program but its not. Just work hard and you'll make it. :) Plus considering how long the wait lists are for community colleges, even if you had to re-take one or two classes to get A's in them you'd still most likely make it into the ASU program faster than a community college. I'm just going off my experience here as far as pre-reqs so some classes may have changed but the ones I had to do were: Eng 101 & 102 Bio 201 & 202 (with lab) Microbiology class & lab (205 and 206) Chem 101 HCR 210 (ethics) , 220 (intro to nursing), 230 (culture and health), & 240 (human pathophysiology) Math- general college math or higher Statistics- i took STP 226 but i think just regular statistics should be fine I had to take PHI 103 but I know they changed it and took this class out as a requirement i'm just not sure what they replaced it with Psych 101 Nutrition Human development And a general elective (i took sociology)
  12. Tarabara

    Anyone graduating Dec 2011 ?

    Really?? December seems soooo soon to me, the fact that im going to be a real live actual nurse in less than a year is so scary! Sometimes I feel like im just playing pretend :/ hopefully i'll be ready
  13. Tarabara

    One Born Every Minute (nurses seem to sit around a lot)

    I have seen the commercials for this show and I cant figure out is it suppose to be real? like documentary of real life events or is it suppose to be more of a comedy like scrubs?
  14. Tarabara

    NICU is the best!!!

    Thank you, I appreciate it :) and I wish you luck in finding the area that you will love :redbeathe
  15. Tarabara

    NICU is the best!!!

    gee N1colina, thanks for the support and encouragement. I wrote my post right after I had just gotten home from the best day of clincals I had had in nursing school and was happy. Of course there will be parents, there will be worried/sad/angry/upset family members in every area of nursing. And of course there will be sad times and they dont always get better. There is death and sad aspects to every area of nursing as well. I may still be a student with no actual NICU experience but that doesnt mean I am that naive. I also did not just care for health babies about to go home, one of them had a mother who drank most of her pregnancy and she had major heart problems and was about to go for her second heart surgery. While I did find this sad, I was more mad at the mom and all I wanted to do was help the baby. I also had pts in pediatrics yesterday who were sad, one with ESRD on dialysis 16 hours a day and the other was just diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday. While I was sad for them, I was not about to run crying. I know the world is not fair and innocent children will have to face horrible things, but thats why I wanted to be a nurse so that I could make a difference. I couldnt cure the babies ESRD yesterday, but I could play with and make him laugh. Plus, I am the type of person who thinks we place too much value on life, and that there are worse things than death. I would rather see a baby die than know they will suffer longer or have a poor quality of life. No, I dont think it'll be easy, there will definitely be days that I cry but doesnt every nurse?