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I LOVE motorycles. But I also know many people see them as death traps. Including my mother. My father owns a motorcycle. Heck he's been riding since before I was born. But that doesn't change her... Read More

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    Yes I would, and do! I started on a ninja 250 and now ride a Honda CBR 600rr.
    I occasionally ride to work (not in scrubs though I change when I get there).

    I ALWAYS wear ALL my gear - it's easier to cool off then heal up.
    I think the street riding discussion has pretty much been covered so I'm not gonna beat that dead horse; just ditto everyone else's good advice.

    What about riding on the track? Anyone do it, done it? I know it's more pricey than just hitting the open road but I think having a wide open track without gravel, potholes, road debris, CARS, or SEMIS is worth it. There are lots of rules and guidelines for the safety of the riders there. Basically there's nothing like it; usually great people, always a great time. Some experienced track riders I know say that one day at the track is equivalent in gaining experience to at least a year on the road. So it also makes your street riding safer.
    Not that accidents can't happen there but there's a lot of room to ride off and it's all grass or gravel - no trees to hit - and there is always a staffed ambulance on site.
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    I worked with organ and tissue donors. We called them "donor cycles" because we got the best donors from them. Generally young healthy (male) individuals who had healthy organs. Prior to that job I loved motorcycles but....never again.
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    I want to get a motorcycle in the future but after reading the replies here, now I'm scared....
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    Quote from leekun2010
    I want to get a motorcycle in the future but after reading the replies here, now I'm scared....
    Try reading all of the replies, and look at the poll results. There are those giving you horror stories of the accidents they have witnessed / experienced but read the comments if the motorcyclists as well. The poll results show that actually there are quite alot of us who ride, or would ride.

    Learning to ride was one of the best things I've done, I've had experiences and met people who without it I'd never have met or experienced. On my motorbike i've raised over 50,000 for various charities. I've travelled across Europe and stayed in places that I just wouldn't have if I'd been in a car. I've had tapas with a 90 year old Spaniard who wanted to know more about my bike, and my travels. There are some experiences that motorcycling will give you that you just can't get anywhere else. I've met the most fantastic people through biking, it's not just the riding that makes your life richer it's the experiences and people you meet because of the bike.

    Yes there are risks, but that's true of many things in life. Just because there are risks, doesn't mean you don't try

    As I've said before, if you need to explain it so someone then they probably won't ever understand, if they understand then there will be no need to explain.
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    I'd love to have one but haven't had the cash. Took the training course 4 years ago and will be out of debt in April '11 plan to get my cruiser in June. I have seen amputations, severe head trauma and the like. And you are all right - it is usually not the rider (but I have seen a couple of drunks get hurt too) but someone else on the road...texting or some other crap. I think they area great toys and not transportation.
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    Hell yes! Even if I never go too far on it, it is a beautiful thing. I have been thinking about this forever. I would love a lilac or pink colored one.
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    After I graduated nursing school, I thought I could do anything. SO I bought a motorcycle with the money I saved from not doing anything that involved FUN for the last 2 years. Saved a boat load of money that way.

    Did my research, got my permit, bought my jacket, helmet came with the bike. Boots gloves. Learned how to ride in the driveway thanks to YouTube.

    Ive dropped it 3 times, petite body losing balance is usually what causes it.

    I have NO regrets. Im always thinking 3 seconds ahead. Its funny, everyone who knows that I own a bike (black ninja with a pink light kit so Im seen at night) they always have a friend that died, lost their leg, eye, head. Im sorry for their loss, but I know that ME owning a bike, is different than lets say...MY BROTHER owning a bike.

    I would rather roar 1 day as a lion than live 100 years as a sheep.
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    "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out & loudly proclaiming--WOW--WHAT A RIDE !"
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    daily rider, here. sometimes wear helmet. just keep your eyes a minute ahead of you and everything will be fine. i learned to ride in china, so riding in the states is a piece of cake.
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    I've been riding for years (sport, dirt and dual-sport), and even raced and taught track-riding for a few years. Nursing defines my professional life (if I could ever find a decent job, that is), and being a motorcyclist defines my personal one. I live for long road trips with my riding pals, and I don't think anything could make me give that up. I would *never* dream of riding without a helmet, even if the law gave me the option. Sorry, but that's just asking for trouble.
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