Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted? Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted? | allnurses

Would you commute an hour to a job you wanted?

  1. 0 Currently doing 12 hour overnights in a job I'm not very fond of, mostly clock watching. But this job is 15 minutes away. I have been offered a position I'd really enjoy, on the day shift, but requires a one hour commute each way. Live in an area where the winters can be dreadful. Any thoughts?
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    I currently commute an hour to my job. I really like my job most days. I work nights, and the drive in isn't do bad. The drive home is a killer though! I also work the night shift.
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    it is fine. I commute for 2 hours everyday before i get to job
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    I commute an hour each way and live in an area with snowy winters. It isn't so bad, worth it if it's a job you'd like! I work nights so my drive home can be rough but it's definitely doable.
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    I have and it was worth it....I still miss that job.
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    There is only one small hospital close to me that is never hiring- the closest ones are 1.5 hours away. Most commute at least that long in my area.
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    I have commute an hour+ for work. There is just no work available in my town & the work that is I have to drive over an hour to.
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    I hate to drive so that would be a "no" for me. I have a 20 minute drive to get to work. That's long enough for me.
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    I would. I have had jobs as close as 10 minutes and as far as an hour. I think an hour would be the absolute MAX. I currently commute 40 minutes (still a student, but work in a group home) and that's not too bad.
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    i commute to a job I DONT want, because I have to. Its not really that bad, and considered the "norm" for most of the country........but not foe us east coasters......lol
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    and its 65 miles one way, btw
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    I allow 90 minutes for my commute. It usually doesn't take that long but sometimes does. Monday mornings my commute home hits during rush hour so that takes 2 hours. We get snow but more importantly, they don't know how to manage snow here so even a little leaves roads messy.

    I don't love my commute but I really like my job and the hospital I'm at and love my schedule too. I left a 10 minute commute to take this job and I'd much rather have a long commute I hate and a job I love than a commute I love and a job I hate.
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    Yes! Just because an hour commute would mean a job in a big Boston hospital vs the small town one I'm at now!