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Currently doing 12 hour overnights in a job I'm not very fond of, mostly clock watching. But this job is 15 minutes away. I have been offered a position I'd really enjoy, on the day shift, but... Read More

  1. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    One of my home health clients is a 90-minute drive one way. I'm thinking of dropping the case because I'm not very good at waking up at 5 am.
  2. by   P90X3_Pro
    If you're realy not happy in your currrent job then it should be an easy choice to make. Life is to short to be unhappy, take the other job and be happy. Good Luck...
  3. by   Rensoul
    Currently I live 2 hours from the my job. I don't commute daily though and have an apartment within 5 minutes of the hospital (Long story). If I could have an hour commute it would be pushing it IMHO. There are days I do well to stay awake an hour after I get home much less drive.

    What are the chances of you moving closer to the job? Do you know anyone else that works there that you might be able to crash with if you had a bad day? What are their scheduling policies, & what are your scheduling expectations?

  4. by   SoCalGalRN
    I have a three hour round trip commute for a job I hate. So, yes.
  5. by   Biffbradford
    I was driving an hour each way for 12 hour night shifts. I would fall asleep behind the wheel EVERY DAY coming home. I had to quit. I did not want become another one of THOSE news stories.
  6. by   proud nurse
    I had a job for 7 years that only took me 6 minutes to get to. That was nice, but I hated that place. Now I drive about 25 minutes for I job I love. I pass 3 hospitals on my way. I've never considered applying to them because I really like where I work. 45 minutes would be the most I'd commute.
  7. by   nursel56
    Yes. I've done that for two jobs. The particular facilities were really superior so it was well worth it to me.
  8. by   Whoatemyburger
    Ive never commuted in my life. I work 5 mins away and currently got an offer for my dream job (1hr 20 mins away). Thats actually in the train and the commute is very easy....
    I hate the place I work now. Everyone is telling me not to do it because of the horrible commute. I have to make a decision soon. My daughter is finishing HS in 2 years . After that, i can move way closer to my new job. I am happy to see so many of you nurses commuting. Makes me feel I am not alone!
  9. by   RunBabyRN
    I would totally do it if it was for a great job. Utilize that time for books on tape, catching up on phone calls if you have Bluetooth, etc.
  10. by   kaydensmom01
    Its not really a choice where I live, all of the hospitals are at least in hour away in each direction. I'm also on a tri-state line so my options for job hunting were very limited until I endorsed to the other states. I actually enjoy the drive (besides in bad weather).
  11. by   MommyandRN
    What did you decide, @nursebythesea? I am in a similar position while job hunting. How far is too far for that dream job? I'm worried about falling asleep on the way home from night shift. Otherwise, I think it's doable.
  12. by   Ruby Vee
    An hour commute is about the upper limit I'd accept, but yes, I'd do it. A commute can be a great time to decompress. I have a bluetooth headset for my phone and call all my friends on the opposite coast during my drive!
  13. by   toomuchbaloney
    a long commute was not acceptable to me when my children were young. now I am old and it is much more acceptable to me