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Currently doing 12 hour overnights in a job I'm not very fond of, mostly clock watching. But this job is 15 minutes away. I have been offered a position I'd really enjoy, on the day shift, but requires a one hour commute each... Read More

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    When I first started working, I commuted an hour each way. Most days, anyways. Some days it turned into a one way 3 hour commute because there was only one bridge across the river and some idiot would forget how to drive safely, and leave everyone sitting in traffic waiting for the accident to clear. I ended up relocating several months ahead of my planned schedule because of how many days that commute became so much longer. So yes, I did it, but no, I wouldn't recommend it for a long term scenario.

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    absolutely not. 15-20 minutes at the outside, and that's on my bike! No job is worth giving up that family/personal time IMO.
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    Quote from BlueDevil,DNP
    absolutely not. 15-20 minutes at the outside, and that's on my bike! No job is worth giving up that family/personal time IMO.
    My commute allows me to work one day less a week than I'd be able to work with a short commute due to salary and weekend incentives. So I end up with more time with my daughter.
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    I have in the past and would do so again.
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    I commute 1.5-2.5 hrs each way with my longest being 3hrs 20 min. I'd say MOST of the time it's worth it
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    Quote from KAR813
    I commuted from Baltimore to DC (it was a miracle if i could make it in less than an hour, even at 3am) for a non-nursing job in college that opened up so many doors, contacts, and experiences for me, so it was definitely worth it.
    Did you ever take the commuter train? Seems like it would have cut your commuting time down, but I'm not an expert on the area.
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    It would have to be a really, really good job. And I would immediately start to make plans to move closer.
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    I probably am a little biased in my answer because I've never been very far at all from work BUT I would only accept an hour-long commute under a few non-negotiable conditions. First, I'd definitely spend some time really shadowing/getting to know the job to make sure I did actually love it and would actually leave on time! Also, I'd make sure that the commute wouldn't be more than an hour long except on a rare basis. As much as I love 12 hr shifts and the flexibility they give, that is a looooong and draining day when a 2-hr commute is added to the mix.
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    I went from a job that I disliked and was 7 minutes away, to a job that I LOVE that's 50 miles away. It's worth it to be happy, so worth it! I work night shift, and I listen to podcasts and audiobooks while driving so my mind stays active and I don't fall asleep.
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    I do. :-)

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