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    I had a great interview for a position that would be a fantastic opportunity for me. The environment seems really supportive and it would be much more challenging than my current job. The interview went great and I would honestly be surprised if I didn't get the position. However, one bad thing about the job is that it's evening shift and DH and I currently work days. I know people work opposite shifts for a variety of reasons, but DH is really hesitant about this opportunity. Of course I would prefer to work days but I see it as a major stepping stone in my career - room for growth, and an acute hospital environment, which is what I've wanted all along. Full-time day shifts are hard to come by because they are usually filled by internal hires, so I know that it's something I may be able to get further down the road.

    Would you voluntarily work a different shift from your spouse (assume for the purposes of this question that you don't have kids and you're not doing this for child care purposes)?

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    I work nights. NEVER thought I would, but I do. My boyfriend works day shift, so I sleep when he's at work, wake up when he gets home and spend the evening with him. That's what works for me.
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    I did about 15 years on night shift. Started for child care, continued because I could avoid just about all levels of management. It was priceless for my sanity, which resulted in my being happier at home. Sure given the choice my husband would have preferred me on day shift... he didn't have to work in the toxic hell that existed there, so it simply wasn't his choice to make.

    A happy wife.... is a happy wife. 25 years together resulted from spending quality time together on my time off. You can have date night just as easy on a Tuesday as a Friday.
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    Hubbie is days and I am nights. We are still adjusting, but the way we make it work is having evenings together and really making it count. He likes it because I have plenty of energy for the more intimate parts of our marriage when he goes to bed. I like it because I am getting the alone time I crave on my days off. Its win/win.
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    Hubs and I work opposite shifts. He is Army so he will always work Monday through Friday, usually from 0530 (for PT) and around 1800. Some days we don't do much or hardly see each other; he will be coming home or will want to take a little power nap and I will be on my way to work. It really isn't all that bad, though
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    I worked opposite mine for more than 20 years. The important thing is QUALITY time, not QUANTITY time
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    We have worked opposite on and off for 25 years for us...sometimes when we are off for a week together it is too much lol You both have to be able to adjust to the others schedule, that is for sure. No waking you up for stupid stuff, no saying "Are you going to sleep all day", and splitting the chores is big too. You can make it work, but it takes two
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    I would definitely take the job. The hardest part about night shift and being married for me is not sleeping in bed next to my husband 3 nights per week. But, as others have said, we spend time in the afternoon before work. in my experience though, once you get your foot in the door of a unit and make a good impression, day shift positions open up pretty quickly. I think you should try it and see how it works out.
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    did not read all the posts...

    All I will say is that based on pure math, the odds are high that a relationship will not survive if the partners work opposite shifts........but there are exceptions to every rule
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    Quote from mindlor
    did not read all the posts...

    All I will say is that based on pure math, the odds are high that a relationship will not survive if the partners work opposite shifts........but there are exceptions to every rule
    What kind of math equation did you use?? If anything the probability is higher - "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is very true. When you spend some time apart and then reunite, your time together is that much more special! It's been working great for me for over a year now! I see my hubby in the morning and evening, and when I have my days off. He also travels a lot for work, so he can arrange his schedule for the nights I am working. Works out great!
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