Work in pajamas!

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    Thoughts....could you or would you want to leave the bedside to work at home?
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    I've always thought scrubs kinda resemble pajamas either way. That's one of the reasons I want to be a nurse (sarcasm).

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    I wouldn't, but that's me. I got into nursing because I'm not someone who could do a desk job.
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    I have no desire to leave hands-on patient care in the foreseeable future. No way, no how!
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    I can't see myself doing that because it would probably involve being on the phone a whole lot. I hate the phone. I can never hear people. I like talking to people face to face.
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    I am mostly a stay at home mom. I depend on my bedside hospital job to get out of the house and around other people, so no.
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    Not anytime in the forseeable future, no. I enjoy direct patient care.
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    I would never want to work at home. I like going into the overstimulating ER where I work, work like a maniac with a smile on my face, then retreat to my home to rejuvenate and re-center.

    I think if I were home all the time I'd turn into a recluse and become even more eccentric than I already am. Going out into the world keeps me grounded and connected.
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    I agree with the poster who said scrubs are practically PJs! I love working in my pajamas at the bedside, and plan to stay at the bedside as long as I am able to. In my pajamas.
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    Nope. I love bedside nursing. As mentioned above, scrubs pretty much ARE pajamas anyway.
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