Work bags: What do you take and what's in it?

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    I am starting a new job tomorrow and and just started cleaning out my work bag...what a mess! I've carried the same huge Vera Bradley tote for a little over a year and it's filled to the brim with a bunch of old bills, lotion, carbon copies of PTO requests, etc.

    What do you use to carry your stuff to work? I probably need to downgrade to something smaller as my new work environment is cramped. What do you put in it? I have a makeup bag, extra car key, calendar, change, a calculator, my badge, pens, pencils and highlighters.
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    First and foremost keep room for food, snacks, drinks, candy, gum, you know, the important stuff.
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    B/P cuff, stethoscope, clipboard, and most importantly extra feminine products
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    snacks, mints, candy, gum, makeup, old papers, my nursing school books to study if i get down time (Im a tech), pens, my badge, a sweater, steth
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    i have a big red tote bag that i found at a thrift store for $.50.

    i am embarrassed to admit that i carry a lot of junk in it:

    pens (a pencil pouch)
    feminine goods
    makeup bag (chap stick, and lipstick)
    playtex sport wipes to freshen up
    badge with locker key attached
    travel size lotion

    in my car i keep an extra pair of scrubs, socks, and underwear. a few nights ago i got peed on and didn't have anything to change into. lesson learned!

    i take a small lunch box and a covered insulated cup. a sandwich bag has utensils in it because it is impossible to find a fork/spoon when i need one

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    I take a backpack and a lunch kit.

    Front pocket: Steth, badge, watch (all my other nursing stuff I keep in a bag in my locker).

    Middle pocket: Gum, mints, body spray, lotion, keys, electronic cigarettes, cell phone cord, extra cell phone battery.

    Back Big Pocket: tampons, hair clips, Tylenol, Pepcid, cough drops, brush, a little pouch with travel toothbrush, toothpaste, hair spray, mouthwash, a jacket, and my tens unit.

    My lunch is usually some soup, a sandwich, and lots of munchie stuff like crackers, fruit, cheese, peanuts, chips etc. In addition, I usually have a monster, or 5 hour energy just in case I need it at 3am.
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    I have a midsized bag.. i have steth, thermometer, bp cuff( auto and manual), pulse ox.. reference manuals.. gum, lotion,snacks, books and magazines that i never read, extras of nurses notes we never seem to have any at one of my jobs and PTO requests forms.. wallet from purse.
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    I carry a backpack.
    Front compartment: cell phone and keys
    Middle: pens, pencil, travel size container of asprin, calculator, lipstick and mints
    Back: clipboard with bus schedule, lunch bag, teacup, magazine and a stethescope.
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    I start my first nursing job this Wed - finally! These are great ideas, thanks for posting!

    I will be adding my small container of Vicks vapo rub to put under my nose to stave off the nasty smells!
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    I take a backpack.
    Currently has:
    Pocket mask
    Rain Jacket since the weather is ridiculous lately
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