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  1. raincitynurse

    How old were you when you finished nursing school?

    LPN grad at 30.....and not done learning yet!!
  2. raincitynurse

    Things that patients say that make me smile!

    From the cute soldier to his even cuter 2yo son... "say thank you! Wave bye bye to the pretty nurse! Blow her a kiss!" After I had just about drowned them both during an ear lavage! Very sweet :)
  3. hey allnurses! i want to know what you think about pierce colleges rn program! what have you heard? what do you know? i'm looking for any information, from current and former students, and those of you who've got the word on the street! grades, gossip, gear...gimmie the goods! hope to hear from some of you soon! :redpinkhe, raincity
  4. raincitynurse

    What was the moment you knew you wanted to become a nurse?

    September 11, 2001 I am on my honeymoon in Barcelona, Spain.We had arrived the night before and were preparing for a night out. I could not comprehend what I saw on the Spanish news.And when I finally understood what I was witnessing I knew I was the kind of person who needed something meaningful.A way to help, if not this time, than in the future. A way to change the world, one personal moment at a time.
  5. raincitynurse

    What to you like about being a nurse?

    I made a difference today.I changed the direction of someones life for the better.I made a sick baby laugh.I helped someone get the information they needed.I was thanked many times for my help.I got a high five from a doctor. And that was just today. Today I changed lives, if only for a moment, and in that changed my own.I saw the bad and worked for the good. What I love about being a nurse is today I made a difference. And I'm going to do it again tomorrow!
  6. raincitynurse

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    You talk too much.And you are not funny.Your stories are not funny, your jokes are not funny.The only funny thing about you is that you think you are funny, and it's not funny haha...it's funny like spoiled potato salad. Zip it, spare us all.Please!!!
  7. raincitynurse

    Indiana State University LPN-BSN, Recommended or not??

    Cindarent: Sounds like you are doing great! very encouraging! Can you tell me how long it will take, or you think it will take for you to complete the actual nursing portion of the program? I have heard that it is self paced? Do you believe this to be true, or have I been misinformed? I would love to hear any insight you may have to offer! RainCityNurse
  8. raincitynurse

    Nurses Under 30 Years Old

    "Oh, and BTW, I'm one of those scandalous younger nurses who...are you ready for this...usually puts on a little makeup and fixes my hair before going to work. No mass chaos...yet (insert sarcasm here)." Me too!! I just turned 30, have been working full time since I have been 16, have a young son,a husband of over a decade and great grades. I work super hard, am well respected by my peers and our doctors.....and love going to work looking great! I look tidy with my hair in a low pony tail, my shiny nails, and light make up.I look clean and put together, which makes me feel confidant. I don't think you need to forgoe looking nice while being nurse...I work with some"older" and not so um...efficient?...nurses who complain about everything, and who really gave up on looking nice at all...it is uninspiring and depressing.
  9. raincitynurse

    Your Favorite one liner used with patients

    NotWhen doing a throat swab I tell the kids"I'm going to tickle your throat"of course they always gag! That's when I say all excitedly"wow! That means I did it right, thanks for not coughing in my eyes!!" These kids are not feeling to great if they are getting a strep swab...but this usually gets me a satisfied grin.
  10. raincitynurse

    At my boiling point...you are NOT a Nurse...of ANY kind!!!!

    I worked as a CNA(certified nurses assistant) for years before becoming a nurse. In long term care I made it easy for residents to understand..by telling them, when asked that I was not as nurse but a nurses helper.only those with a cognative problem had trouble with that concept.
  11. raincitynurse

    work right away or continue with school?

    As a new grad I can tell you it is a tough market! But education is sooooo important (and expensive !) Have you considered continuing with your use it or loose it education and seeking out volunteer opportunities using your new license? If the extra money is not a must, you could keep up with your studies and still gain skills that will give you an employment advantage when you get your BSN! It could be a great time to give to your community without being tied down. You'll look good on later applications, gain good skills, and importantly feel good knowing you are a nurse making a difference. Like a previous poster mentioned, many nurses I work with tell me they wish they had kept going with their education.now they feel like there is no way, or no motivation to go back. I say keep moving forward with your nursing dream, and look for volunteer opportunities at your: local VA, Red Cross, homeless shelter, Planned Parenthood, and community health centers! Best of luck, and congrats!
  12. raincitynurse

    IV Sticks in a pediatric pt

    Iluvivt: Thank you for your wonderful tips! Fantastic, and really helped me to understand better the process.
  13. raincitynurse

    IV tips and tricks

    Thank you all you wonderful nurses! I'm a new grad working in peds, no pheblotomy training at all, and we do all our own draws and starts. Its a little intimidating.esp with new babies.you have all been an amazing resource to me. If anyone has a link to share or pediatric tips do share, and help me be the best nurse I can be!