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I am starting a new job tomorrow and and just started cleaning out my work bag...what a mess! I've carried the same huge Vera Bradley tote for a little over a year and it's filled to the brim with a... Read More

  1. by   Zombi RN
    I carry a canvas tote I don't like. In it when I go to work:

    sharpie marker
    bandage shears
    alcohol pads
    hand sanitizer
    hand lotion
    lip balm
    cough drops
    pads & tampons
    a little bottle of ibuprofen & excedrin migraine
    mobile phone

    I don't have a locker.
  2. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work in home health. I have a backpack.

    Front pockets: name badge, bandage scissors, 2 or 3 plastic shopping bags (they come in very handy).

    Second pocket: pair of scrubs, stethoscope, bp cuff, alcohol wipes, feminine products, ibuprofen.

    Third pocket: visit paperwork, box of gloves, CPR face shield (thin plastic), pack of pens.

    Fourth pocket: shift paperwork, paperwork ready for submission, GPS.

    Side pockets: hand sanitizer, hand lotion.

    I keep a flashlight and spare cell charger in my car. I also have a lunchbox.
  3. by   Poi Dog
    Quote from That Guy
    I just go to the OR and grab some scrubs when people think i look like the basin to puke in.
    My facility is poor and doesn't have hospital issue scrubs
  4. by   nerdtonurse?
    I don't do a work bag, as I have a locker...but in the locker I have:

    Power bar/breakfast bar
    ACLS book
    ICU Book
    5 bucks in 1's
    (bad side to nightshift...if you get sick in the middle of the night, there's no pharmacy or store to run to to get tylenol/imodium/throat spray, etc.)

    In the purse:
  5. by   RN58186
    In my locker:

    Lab coat
    Feminine products

    In my (large) purse:

    Tylenol (bottle of 100 tabs)
    Glucose Meter
    Glucose Tabs
    Enough pens to choke a horse
    Clinic keys

    In my desk:

    Glucose Meter
    Glucose Tabs (have to be ready just in case)
    More pens
    Assorted office supplies

    I work in an outpatient clinic so we don't wear scrubs or need to carry supplies for dressings or procedures. We don't tend to get too much nasty stuff on our clothes, but we all wear lab coats for doing dressings, catheters or taking out staples/sutures or any other procedures. Oh yeah, in my car is my ID badge. I need it to swipe to get into the parkade and no one in my clinic wears them.
  6. by   applewhitern
    Advil, zyrtec, toothbrush/paste, calculator, assorted scissors, eye chart, wound measuring tape. Knife for cutting food, which everybody borrows.
  7. by   Bortaz, RN
    I use one of those open-able clipboards, in which I have my neonate steth, several pens and mechanical pencils, a couple sharpies, an eraser, and a stack of my home-made brains, several tweezers/hemostats/scissors. I keep the clipboard in my new locker (finally got one after nearly 2 years...) along with a 32oz water bottle and 2 NICU certification study guides.
  8. by   PediNurse3
    Thanks for all of the replies! I had pretty much everything that I needed supplied for me (each patient had their own stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, alcohol, chlorascrubs, flushes at the bedside). I guess it might be time to dig out the old stethoscope and throw it in the bag just in case! I hadn't even thought about forks and knives, taking for granted that I could always grab one from the nourishment room if I needed to.
  9. by   aussiemom
    In my purse: Ipod touch, cell phone, wallet, lip balm, feminine products, ibuprofen
    In my locker: Binders for various committees, assorted paperwork, stethoscope, bandage scissors, BP cuff
    In my lunchbag: yogurt, frozen diet meals, granola bars, possibly leftovers, fruit and a drink
  10. by   turnforthenurse
    I carry a Vera Bradley bag, too

    * I carry a little storage clipboard...I really just use it that way I have something hard to write on when I take report lol (we do report at the bedside) but I also like to throw in papers and other things for reference, + I keep my iPod in there that has a really nice lab value reference + Micromedex, which is now FREE btw (I already have enough junk in my pockets at work + my personal phone + phones that we are required to have on us at work)
    * Because I am still on orientation/probation, I also carry a folder filled with papers that I need to have checked off
    * I took a class on vasoactive drips provided by my hospital, and we got a little book with I carry that with me as well. It has everything based on OUR hospital policies regarding these medications, so it is a good reference.
    * IV drug guide...even with Micromedex/Lexicomp (we have the latter on our computers) + drug reference manuals that we can pull up from our EMAR, it is still good to have yet another source. We don't have a 24hr pharmacist at our hospital.
    * Manual of Critical Care Nursing book. Amazing.
    * Keys & wallet, which go in my locker
    * bottle of ibuprofen
    * lipbalm!!
    * gum
    * scissors, tape, hemostat, highlighter, several pens, dry erase marker (so I can write my name on the board) <- all of this stuff goes in my pockets upon coming to work
    * some tampons
    * bottle of hand sanitizer
    * hand lotion
    * snacks! usually a granola bar of some type, piece of fruit (usually a banana) and some of those Blue Diamond dark chocolate almonds...

    looks like I'm the only one here who carries reference manuals... No shame in that, my coworkers are always borrowing them!
  11. by   pomegranate
    i carry in a small canvas tote--
    My stethoscope
    An extra ID badge
    A change purse with quarters and a couple dollars for the vending machine
    2 granola bars
    A bottle of water
    A CPR face shield
    A bunch of loose alcohol swabs and some little packages of TAO
    A tiny first aid kit with band-aids and stuff in it
    A drug book
    Some things from inservices/staff education papers, along with a big sheaf of papers from a coworker's IV book
    A pink penlight & pink scissors (both with my name on them lol)
    A big sharpie + a little sharpie
    Extra roll of tape
    Bottles of excedrin, immodium, tums
    A couple of mini legal pads to take notes on
    Electronic and manual b/p cuffs
    Chapstick + gum
    A pocket calculator
    Bottles of hand lotion + hand sanitizer
    My car keys, cell phone + wallet

    i want to buy a pulse ox as well because my facility currently only has one -_-
  12. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from pomegranate
    i want to buy a pulse ox as well because my facility currently only has one -_-
    ugh I remember how frustrating it was to find a working pulse old facility only had two, and oftentimes one of them would disappear, so we were left with one... -_-
  13. by   traumaRUs
    I'm an APN and go to several clinics during my day:

    I carry a briefcase:

    laptop, charger, mi-fi wireless hotspot

    In my pants pocket: iPhone and in other pocket: pager

    lunch bag - two bottles of water, lean cuisine, utensils, snack.

    In my car: extra stethoscope, face masks of various sizes

    I also carry my fire dept turn out gear in my car and in the winter: extra clothes, blanket, boots.