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I'm by no means a new nurse, been around the block for awhile now...but why are there so many negative nurses? Don't get me wrong I'm not saying ALL, I've met some who are just sweet as pie and so... Read More

  1. by   Zyprexa
    Because nursing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   Cat365
    All of my jobs have had negative/unhappy people and I've had more non-nursing jobs than nursing positions. Unless the work place is toxic, there are always welcoming, cheerful people too. Humans run the spectrum wherever you are at. I don't think it's nursing specific.
  3. by   cinlou
    Op, I hear what you are saying. When I started nursing almost 40 years ago we were taught to not say anything keep it to ourselves. Do not judge others etc. We gradually gained credibility as nurses. I think some nurses come into the field for different reasons, maybe more financial than caregiving. And that is ok we all need to live. The newer generations were taught to speak up about everything, so they are more vocal. I have worked with some who enjoyed escalating patients because they like to take them down and restrain them. I shaved an elderly client in the ER and was told I shouldn't do that because they would expect it. So, yes, times have changed, and we do not need to be negative just to belong, do what is right even if you stand alone. There are so many opportunities as a nurse not at the bedside, maybe bedside is not where you need to be, try something different for awhile. Try to teach new nurses and protect them from the negativity. Teach encouragement, organization techniques, delegation, caring and commitment, understanding and ethics. Let us help change this negative face of nursing, if there are more positive people others will either join or leave.
  4. by   Tr4cyFl1ck
    You are exactly right. I've worked in some areas where they complain constantly and try their darndest to get you to join in. My job is the greatest honor everyday, but nurses can be some of the most judgemental, whining folk I've ever met. They are usually targeted by administrators to try to do less with more, they are the first line for patients, and they are wildly disrespected by professionals in other disciplines. This can sometimes get folks in a bit of a martyr complex. I don't think anyone who says they never get a chance to go to the bathroom on a shift is a better nurse or a harder worker than anyone else. But boy do a lot of them want you to know all about it.
  5. by   Tr4cyFl1ck
    Have you ever worked on a floor with bad morale? I've taken a few jobs feeling that I could change it, but it's rough to change those tides.
  6. by   cinlou
    I have worked on floors and in units with bad moral. If I couldn't influence change I left for my own sanity. Behavior roles down from the top. trying to run healthcare using business models does not help. Why are we not using nursing theory? I once wrote to studer and asked what nursing theory they were using, the woman I spoke with had no Idea as to what I was talking about, and yet studer supposedly took his model from healthcare. So much change and transitions need to take place.
  7. by   Kooky Korky
    Quote from elkpark
    No one can "put" anyone else "in a bad mood." It's up to each individual whether or not s/he chooses to let someone else's negative "aura" affect her/him. I've encountered a few colleagues over the decades who exhibit the kind of behaviors you describe, but not enough to consider "so many." And I'm sure there are individuals like that in other occupations, as well.

    Just my own experience -- not saying your experience hasn't been different. Maybe I've just been lucky over the years.
    It's a lot of work, a terrible toll on one's energy, to not let negative Neds and Nellies drag one down. Some people are more sensitive to negativity than others are, perhaps. Maybe you have been lucky to not have had to deal with it much.

    As to OP's question of why it is like this, I don't know. Being new and still an outsider, an unknown quantity, not really trusted yet doesn't help, though.

    Hang in there and good luck, OP.
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    The negattitude thing happens in any field and can happen on any job. A severe incident happened to me once, but I just kept quiet. I didn't answer the individual who was dishing out the verbal attack, and after a short time, she left that job and went to work for another company in the same line of work. When My boss saw what was happening, he began hiring more ethical employees.
  9. by   Junebug59
    Well, in my area, it's the surgeons that really make a negative impact on my day at times. There are a couple of egotistical narcissistic idiots with little man syndrome that i work with.... i try to let it roll off but yesterday, i could've really blown up in his face.... but, of course, i didn't. i was overworked and tired. we are extremely short staffed with a director who could care less how the surgeons treat his nurses
  10. by   dream'n
    I'm on the more realist (some may say pessimistic) side. I have a low tolerance for bull****. That's me and that's who I am. The smiley, always cheerful people drive me bonkers. It looks and feels fake to me. And I think being fake is a really bad character flaw. So I guess we'll just have to agree to tolerate each other.
  11. by   Nursey916
    One can still be positive without being fake, the two don't go hand and hand. And I'd much rather be around upbeat people than those with terrible attitudes ANY DAY OF THE WEEK whether they are being fake or not. That negative energy is contagious and it's not something I wanna catch whether it's "real" or not.
  12. by   FranEMTnurse
    Being negative only makes that person's day that more difficult.