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I have worked night shift for the vast majority of my nursing career. Although the hours and working conditions are sometimes tough, I would never consider switching to day shift. Night shift staff, in general, are a different... Read More

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    I agree with the OP's points! I am very close with the two other nurses on NOCs as well as the amazing nursing aides. It is nice to be able to speak freely without feeling judged!

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    So true about night shift but I think day shift should be the ones getting paid more, since obviously they have to take the crap from managers, family members, and the other nurses on the floor. I have worked both shifts and know the differences very well.
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    I feel the exact same way...I CANNOT stand family members hovering over me trying to tell me how to do my job! Get a life! lol With that said I love the night shift as 95% of the time I dont have to put up with family
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    I'd give my left nut to work on night shift! However I am involved in so many projects and researches at work due to school, that at this time I dont foresee it happening! Maybe in 2.5 years when I am done with my MSN and start working on my PHD.
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    I have been working the night shift since I started nursing 2 years ago. It can be a bit confusing to the body at times but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think that the night shift family is amazing we work so well together and often work with limited support but get the job done without complaint or whining. I think I will stick with the night shift as long as I can.

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