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I have worked night shift for the vast majority of my nursing career. Although the hours and working conditions are sometimes tough, I would never consider switching to day shift. Night shift... Read More

  1. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    I really don't mind nights except I don't get to see my family as much as I would if I worked days, and I have two little kiddoes (13 month old and 3 year old, husband works from home, yay!) Oh and the fact that on my nights off (like this night for example) I'm sitting here at 0040 and not the least bit tired, and will be getting very hungry shortly.

    Besides that, I like that when I come on shift at 2300 (or really 2230) I'm strolling in, I have time to sit down, read some notes on my patients, get report and relax- we don't have scheduled breaks, we just go if we want to (sure we have those nights where there is no such thing as a break and our chairs have no warm butt imprints). On the other hand when day shift comes in, they're hitting the ground running, they have to get things done before people go for dialysis, or down to the heart center or PT. They have patients kicking them out of their room so they can eat breakfast and yeah, then there's the gads of family members and "AYD's" (Arrogant Young Doctors: slick, snide young men and pseudo tough-girl, play like one of the boys young women who just assume the world has it out for them because they're women docs).

    Nights can be pretty unique and fun. Yes indeed.
  2. by   pinkfluffybunny
    I love nights. Mostly my body adjusts well, I worked nights as a bartender and waitress for 18 years. My sleep schedule is weird on my days off but it is worth it. I don't do as much as I used to so I definitely am saving money.
  3. by   46oldnewrn
    Have been working days for about three years now. Just recently switched to nights 7p to 7a. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such less stress working nights!!! I was always proud to work days, because so many silly people strive to get to that shift , like it is a premium shift) Less stress, Less drama, Less patients families, ect............. will not ever, ever go to days again))))
  4. by   All4NursingRN
    I love nights too and when I gripe about job stress many ask me why don't I just go to days in which I look at them like they have 5 heads. NO WAY! Day shift is crabby, selfish, and just too many managers crawling around. Although I love nights, have been working nights for about 4 years I really need a day job. My sleep pattern is all wacky, I can seem to get enough sleep, and I'm getting cranky over it, so yes I have to depart from this lovely shift for now atleast.
  5. by   buytheshoes11
    I agree with the OP's points! I am very close with the two other nurses on NOCs as well as the amazing nursing aides. It is nice to be able to speak freely without feeling judged!
  6. by   luvpets
    So true about night shift but I think day shift should be the ones getting paid more, since obviously they have to take the crap from managers, family members, and the other nurses on the floor. I have worked both shifts and know the differences very well.
  7. by   goldenretriever8
    I feel the exact same way...I CANNOT stand family members hovering over me trying to tell me how to do my job! Get a life! lol With that said I love the night shift as 95% of the time I dont have to put up with family
  8. by   9livesRN
    I'd give my left nut to work on night shift! However I am involved in so many projects and researches at work due to school, that at this time I dont foresee it happening! Maybe in 2.5 years when I am done with my MSN and start working on my PHD.
  9. by   JJRN09
    I have been working the night shift since I started nursing 2 years ago. It can be a bit confusing to the body at times but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think that the night shift family is amazing we work so well together and often work with limited support but get the job done without complaint or whining. I think I will stick with the night shift as long as I can.