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  1. The waiting is driving me nuts!!!

    I am on the same boat as you lol, I got an interview at a really nice hospital in the city and I thought the interview went really well...but its been about a week and I have yet to hear back from them...sigh...anyways good luck on your job search =)
  2. How Many people did your program start out with?

    started off with 39 down to 28
  3. ati peds for lpns

    has anyone taken the ati for peds? i take the test this tuesday and im soooo nervous! any tips on how to do well on the exam? Thanks in advance!
  4. ati med surg

    if you have to retake the ati med/surg, does anyone know if they give you the exact same exam from the first time you took it?
  5. looking for some direction

    there are PLENTY of jobs for LPN's not really sure why people make it seem like they are phasing them out...if that were the case they wouldn't be any LPN programs...Massachusetts has a lot of jobs for LPN's some paying as much as $30 an hour and NOT...
  6. ATI testing (fundamentals)

    Hey everyone, I am about 2 months into my program and I am doing very well in all my classes so far, but my school requires us to take the ATI and im soooo nervous! Has anyone taken the fundamentals ATI exam? How was it, did you find it hard...any fe...
  7. Fundamentals done!

    how was the ati fundamentals taking it in december!!!
  8. Fall 2012 LPN Students...Let's update!

    It's going ok for me so far but its very stressful, which was expected! im in in 3rd week and start clinicals next week!!! the program that im in is a 10 month program so this is going to be the most intense year of my life taking a&p, ...
  9. Finally...School starts in the morning!

    todays my first day as well!! but my class isnt until 4:30....either way im soooo excited to FINALLY start my journey....good luck to everyone....we will make it to the end if we stay focused and STUDY hard....=)
  10. losing hope in nursing school

    thats exactly how i felt a couple of months back...instead of crying about it for like 2 years I decided that I wasnt ready to give up and decided to just become an LPN decision I ever made! LPN school's arent really as competitive as R...
  11. Just got accepted to an LPN program!!

    Congrats!! I am waiting to get into an LPN program, hopefully I can have the same news as you....anyways congrats again and work hard get that certificate =)
  12. Sex in the workplace.....what do YOU think should be done?

    this sounds like something that would happen on grey's anatomy lol
  13. Best and Worst places for LPN opportunities

    Massachusetts has the highest pay when it comes to LPN's but then again the cost of living is expensive here =/
  14. Chemistry on the TEAS exam

    Hey everyone, I am planning on taking the TEAS exam next week and was wondering if anyone that has taken the exam tell me how much chemistry is on this exam. Science has always been a weakness of mine so I am a little concerned about this part of the...
  15. Took Teas v today..and...........

    how was the science section...what kind of questions did they ask on that part of the exam?