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  1. Remote Telephonic Nursing

    Can you work anywhere as a telephonic nurse or do you have to be home? I am looking for something where I can work if I am out of town visiting family.
  2. Transportation when in motor home

    The first place I will look into will be a hospital close to a campground. Not sure I want to hook up on the hospital property. Would like to live in a campground.
  3. Transportation when in motor home

    I am going to get my bike motorized.
  4. Transportation when in motor home

    I have never thought of that.
  5. Transportation when in motor home

    I am seriously thinking about doing some travel nurse assignments. I am single, I have a Class C motor home with no tow vehicle. I also will be bringing my 2 dogs. My issue is no transportation once I am camped. I was thinking about using UBER t...
  6. Dilaudid drug test only???

    ok, that's what I figured. Thank you so much.
  7. Dilaudid drug test only???

    The reason why I am asking is because I have come across two nurses that have tested positive for marijuana when the medicine involved was Percocet. There is a specific test for Percocet I wonder why they were tested for marijuana?
  8. Dilaudid drug test only???

    so only testing me for Dilaudid and that's all?
  9. Dilaudid drug test only???

    I stupidly forgot to scan a patient that I gave IV Dilaudid to. The other day I had to do a urine test. I see on the Labcorp form, under "test(s) requested by employer" the only thing checked is Dilaudid/Morp/COD/Hydrocodone/Vicodin. Does this m...
  10. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    I have it on Wednesday. I'm just struggling with this and my current job that I have. I am an agency nurse working PRN with so much flexibility and ability to take time off whenever I want. I am a bit torn. Thank you so much for your input. It's...
  11. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    I assume your 50% of travel is to physicians offices? Is it pretty much a Monday - Friday job? Working 8 to 10 hours? Do you have a minimum number of providers your have to visit in one week, one day? Is it tough getting into their office to dis...
  12. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    I'm going for my 2nd interview as a Quality Improvement Nurse for Humana. If anyone currently holds that position and has held in the past, I would love to hear your input and opinion.
  13. Job at Humana

    I was told pay is low to mid 60's.
  14. Job at Humana

    I just got a call regarding this same position. I am wondering how it is working out for you?
  15. Clinical abstractor

    What exactly does a core measure abstractor do? Trying to find a job working from home as a core measure abstractor and they are asking me what experience I have. Thanks