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Why do some doctors take their degree to their noggins! :uhoh3:....Us nurses are the ones who spend hours with the patient and have a sense of what the patient might need or want...We build that... Read More

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    Just to fan a flame or two....

    MDs *do* go to school for a heck of a lot longer than we nurses did. OK....their knowledge and the responsibility they hold are why they get the "big bucks" (along with a mega-huge student loan debt!).

    That aside....many well experienced RNs have seen the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and...ok you get the point. The school of hard knocks...as my mother would call it. Before their were universities, doctors were trained OJT. Nurses can and do learn OJT.

    For the most part, I think doctors know to trust a nurse's intuition or his/her experience with this specialty. I think those that are horses patooties are few and far between.

    Also....one other side note....intelligence is not necessarily equitable with book knowledge. I know many a nurse with an IQ over 150. I know 2 MDs that I outscored on the SAT (back in 1979). They went to med school. I went to engineering and later NS. Choices are choices. Are those docs more "intelligent" than I? I don't know, but what I *do* know is that they beat me hands down in Urology!
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    I had a patient with a BP up to the 170's systolic after receiving several BP meds...patient was also in pain, but when the I called the doc earlier he didn't want to order anything else. Patient's BP was up probably because of their chronic arthritis. Anyway, I called this doc at 0300 regarding this BP and he questioned, "why are you monitoring my patient's BP at 3 in the morning? *I* would be ****** if you were monitoring my BP at this hour!" and basically told me to stop monitoring the BP's, thank you, goodbye. Umm, this is a CARDIAC patient? on a CARDIAC floor? And guess what, patients stroke out in the middle of the night...made me so mad! I sat with the patient and talked to them for awhile and tried other means to pain relief. Thankfully the pressures dropped to a more acceptable 140's systolic but I was still pretty ticked off over what the doc said to me!

    I also hate it how doctors always walk away from me when I try to talk to them regarding a patient or to get orders. Not all of them are like that, but a lot of them are. I have to walk with them. I don't enjoy chasing them down the hall.
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    Quote from Krista09
    A co-worker of mine got yelled at for calling the on-call dr because of a high blood pressure. The Pt's blood pressure was 200's/100's; the Dr's response: why in god's name would anyone check a blood pressure in the middle of the night, now I'll have to do something about it.
    absolutely ridiculous, we work on a busy general medicine floor, many of our patients are in bad shape. So: YES dr we will continue to check vitals in the middle of the night.
    THis one has me LOLing, what does he mean why do we check vitals at night? Um hello! There's a reason why the patient is in the hospital to begin with, we don't go ''hotel'' after midnight and turn everyone in until morning, patients actually need 24 hour monitoring... duh! I would've ask him why he works at night! do your job doc and give the guy some BP meds.
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    Quote from healthstar
    And I never heard nurses say anything positive about doctors, i am sick of this nurse-doctor war. Anybody can become a doctor or a nurse, nothing is impossible when you study, but not everybody wants to become a nurse or a doc. Everybody's job is hard, requires work, not everybody has the same personality(thank god). Yes, some people get paid more than others. I hate it when people say, doctors make so much money while nurses do everything and they get paid much less. If money is the only thing that satisfies you, stop complaining and go to medical school and be a damn doctor and not a nurse. Complaining doesn't get you very far.
    I agree 100% but you still missed the point.
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    heard a funny joke

    Doctor's think they are God, Surgeon's know they are!
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