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    Getting ready to wrap up my 1st year of nursing and am looking on the horizon for what I might do next. I've been in med-surg, okay only since June, but still! I have learned a ton but I know I don't want to make my career here. I'm eligible to transfer to a different unit next June so I think it's time to start forging a path now. I really don't want to go out of the frying pan into the fire. I am not afraid of hard work, but I am very weary of the chaos that is med-surg (at least it is on our floor). I can handle lack of predictability, I just would like to move away from 5 patients all on their call lights at the same time :-)

    So if you love your nursing job, please post so and tell us what it is about you love! And if you want to be honest about the not-so-great parts, I would love to know about those as well.

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    ER. Love my job. Pace is fast, priorities change in the blink of an eye (or the change in a rhythm), love the autonomy esp with the amount of standing orders we have. Never know what's coming in next - 2 day old to 108 year old and everything in between. Love when you can fix a kid. Medical mysteries are the best. Love it when the docs ask my opinion. Really like most of my co-workers.

    Downsides: we don't close. Pts who don't take care of themselves. Some of my co-workers are burnt-out. Frequent fliers who abuse the system. Working every other weekend. Being underpaid.

    All in all, the pros far outweigh the cons.
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    Love my job. Same complaints as above post plus not enough time to get it all done! There is a lot of stress, but at the end of the day I feel I make a difference. Plus, I am constantly being challenged, which is exciting to me and makes me feel like I am growing professionally and personally. Best of all, I get to work around a lot of smart people.
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    Love my job. Work in clincial research at a University. I already know this is the best job I will ever have. When it ends I am going to be ruined for a real job ever again.....
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    Psych, love it. To me it is incredible to connect with my patients and often watch them improve from the acute illness they came in with. I have time to get to know them and just talk to them. I think the mind is facinating and I'm a believer in the medications we now have to help. An added bonus is that psych nurses in general are a wonderful, quirky bunch. I can't imagine working anywhere else.
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    Love my job! I work in an elective surgery operating room and I never want to leave! One patient case at a time, always learning, no call lights, fun staff, guarenteed coffee and lunch breaks, no nights weekends or holidays, interesting surgeries that many don't ever get to see hmm just a great place (I also got out of med surg after my first six months of nursing and I feel spoiled compared to how it was on the floor!) only down side steep learning curve its either sink or swim real fast to make it through the lengthly new grad OR program! Good luck to you!
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    I love my JOB....yaaay
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    I love my job.
    I work on a neuro floor and my patients are endlessly fascinating, sometimes heartbreaking, and always entertaining!
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    I work in an inpatient Hospice unit. I love it and can see myself working here until I retire. I love the low census (no more than 5:1), the docs treat us as equals in the patient team, and my co-workers are great.
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    I'll echo JulesA and say that I feel like psych is a great field to be in. It's great to actually see the progress and see patients transform before your eyes with the interventions of groups and medications. Sure we get frequent flyers, but they're starting to grow on me.
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