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Share your nursing ghost stories.... I know you have seen and heard freaky things.... Read More

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    I currently switched hospitals to a very old but major level 1 trauma center which has recently undergone some major transformations including closing and moving their old med surg unit to a different floor and using those old rooms as on call rooms and break areas for physicians, ect. Well our nursing students use computers that they keep down in those rooms so that nobody else can access them. As I was retrieving it for them one morning they continuously told stories about an old call light that was on which stated that a nurse was in the room with a patient. So I go down myself and sure enough this call light was lit up with nobody in the room. I checked all the rooms for the computer and it could not be found. So I returned upstairs and notified their instructor. Not long after she goes downstairs and retrieves the computer from the same room I checked multiple times and when they logged into it, there was a name of which nobody could recognize in the login information. So creepy.
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    Love that last story ....this thread has been going for 16 years WOW
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    Quote from steffck
    Share your nursing ghost stories....
    I know you have seen and heard freaky things.
    No, I have not. I was told all through school that this career would make me more superstitious/religious. It has not.

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