What states allow RN's to pronounce death? What states allow RN's to pronounce death? | allnurses

What states allow RN's to pronounce death?

  1. 0 What states allow RN's to pronounce death? And under what circumstances?

    Does anyone have any websites or any lists?

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    RNs in NV may with a physician order.

    Here's a link to the law: http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/NRS-4...l#NRS440Sec415
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    In NY, two RNs may pronounce a death. Notice is made to supervisor and MD, but at my hospital, the pronouncement comes from the RNs (unless an MD happens to be there, as is the case in a code). Pretty much the circumstances would be in the event the death is expected--comfort care for terminal patient, for instance, and no MDs would be around.
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    In FL, RN's can pronounce a hospice pt, but I don't know about inpatients.
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    Quote from BlueRidgeHomeRN
    In FL, RN's can pronounce a hospice pt, but I don't know about inpatients.
    yes, In FL we can pronounce inpatients if the death is not unexpected....always been fuzzy on how that is defined, but Ive made many pronouncements, then informed MD and supervisor, never been told my pronouncement wasn't valid
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    In CA they can in home care and hospice. In the hospitals nursing supervisors can if the pt is expectant and it happens in the off hours.
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    Depends on the type of patient in CA and the protocol of the facility. Where I just completed a contract, if the patient was not intubated and was a DNR, then an RN could pronounce them.

    It is not just what a state has in the requirements, but also the rules of the facility.

    And I have never seen an RN turned down that has significant work experience for any job, unless it requires a Master's level prep for the job. Experience is actually more important to most employers.
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    In Indiana 2 nurses can pronounce TOD.

    This shows how new I am---I just assumed in every state 2 nurses called TOD. If not the nurse--WHO? in the hospital some times all we have in house is an ER dr, and he could be busy--at the LTC no drs.

    We do have to call the primary DR and get an order to release the body to the morgue.
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    Pennsylvania in the hospice setting.
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    In Texas two RN's may pronouce death, also Justice of the Peace!
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    [quote=classicdame;2857379]in texas two rn's may pronouce death, also justice of the peace![/quote]

    wow, really??

    must be a holdover from the judge bean wild west days!! of course, everything is different in the lone star state!! (not a put down, my eldest son was born in el paso.
    hook "em, horns!!)
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    Actually, I think it a result of the medical/nursing training they receive while campaigning. No! Wait! That would be psych nursing only.
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    I notice how many people mention that 2 RNs may pronounce. That is the way it is usually ordered at my facility as well, but after reading the law, it appears that that is hospital policy.

    In my unit (ICU), I only see orders in a patients chart for 2 RNs to pronounce death on patients with DNR orders that aren't intubated and death is expected soon. Patients who are made comfort care tend to have these orders as well.