What is your Holiday pay like??

  1. New nurse here. I get the rotation of holidays and all that.....I want to know if my facility is rare by NOT paying you for the holiday you had off. I have Labor Day off, but was just asked today if I want paid "from my personal time off" for the year. Normal, or not?
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  3. by   KelRN215
    Where do you work? When I worked in the hospital people who worked the holiday were paid time and a half. People who didn't work the holiday either had to use their PTO to cover it (typical Mon-Fri people) or work another day that week.

    At my current job, holidays are paid through PTO.
  4. by   sjalv
    My friend is an RN for the local VA hospital, and they give him 8 hours when he's off on a holiday. His shifts are usually 12-hours, so I dunno how they came up with 8 hours for the nurses, but it is better than nothing.
  5. by   ukjenn231
    it depends on a lot of stuff. at my hospital, labor day is not even a holiday. the only time you get time and a half is on Christmas and Thanksgiving. if you miss hours that week because of the holiday, I believe you have to use your usual PTO here. at another hospital I worked at, you received 8 hours of PTO (even though we did 12s) you could use that week or another.
  6. by   Do-over
    Any hours I work on a holiday are pain at time and a half. In addition, I get 8 additional "holiday" hours - regardless of whether we work that holiday or not.

    We don't routinely get a day off (like the salary/management types do). I still work my 3 twelves during holiday weeks.
  7. by   twinmommy+2
    I work with the VA, and we get double time on holidays if we work, if we don't I think its usually marked as being paid for an 8 hour day regular pay.
  8. by   not.done.yet
    We get time and a half for the holiday if we work it. Otherwise it is rolled into our PTO benefits and we can take it or not. So no. No pay for holidays unless we work it or choose to take it out of PTO.
  9. by   Been there,done that
    You should receive 8 hours of straight time .... but you might have to ask for it.Anything else...
    you are not being treated like the professional you are.
  10. by   Asystole RN
    I get 2.5 x base for working holidays, just an extra day of pay if we don't work that day.
  11. by   Biffbradford
    Holiday pay? A day at work is a day at work (so say's the largest healthcare org. in this area)
  12. by   TerpGal02
    Our shifts are 8 hours. We have to use 8 hours of PLD for holidays and I don't think we get extra for working on a holiday. Pretty awful.
  13. by   edimo
    Where I'm at, we work 12 hour shifts and do self scheduling. If you work the holiday, you're paid time and a half...if you don't, up to you whether or not you want to use any of the 12 SH to be paid out...generally, I find people clump their SH with their vacation or take it when they want a weekend off
  14. by   LocaW8ta
    We are closed on all major holidays but in the rare event that we would have to work, we get double pay. We get major holidays off paid. I think it's 6 paid holidays...