What is the meaning of immunization status readiness enhanced? What is the meaning of immunization status readiness enhanced? | allnurses

What is the meaning of immunization status readiness enhanced?

  1. 0 What the the nursing diagnosis immunization status readiness enhanced mean?
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    not too sure what the the heck you are reading. did you read the book that tells you what the associated factors and identifying features are? that should help. that, and maybe asking the esl department for some pointers? (not being snarky, serious here)
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    Please check your Care Plan book or Google it....I found it through google.
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    I've never heard this and was curious so I googled it too.

    I get what it means now, but really, "Readiness for Enhanced Immunisation Status"?

    Could that be any more cyptic? Any more likely to cause confusion and leave people scratching their heads? Geeez.
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    It sounds like the worst of corporate jargon has infiltrated our ranks.
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    Desperately need help with careplans


    "A pattern consistant with local, national, and international statdarsd of immunization to disease(s) that is sufficient enough to portect a person, family or community from disease.......


    Hope this helps.....
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    Willing to get a vaccination?
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    bsnsgdxbsndxbsndx they're over a minor illness/infection or you have the child sedated.
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    This is an excellent example of why I'm glad I'm no longer in nursing school and no longer have to deal with "nursing diagnoses". What BS!

    OP, I'm sure you can google it as well as any of the rest of us can.
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    My first thought: secret nurse code for "needs a shot".
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    Makes the nursing profession look ridiculous.