What is the best thing to put on diaper rash?

  1. What is the best thing to put on diaper rash?
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  3. by   gentlegiver
    I alway used Corn Starch, worked great on my girls.
  4. by   ilstu99
    Quote from mondkmondk
    My 14 mo. old had a stomach bug a couple days ago and had a lot of diarrhea...now his poor little tushy is as red as raw hamburger. I've been putting Desitin on it...but is there anything else I could do? It pains me to hear his screams while I'm touching it, wiping it, etc.


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    I don't know if this constitutes as "medical advice" and if it's allowed....

    Air. Nothing but air. No lotions or more rubbing. Rinse him off with warm water and let him air dry on some towels on the floor, crib, whatever. If you want to put something on it, allow the skin to dry completely first.
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    OH I'm sorry...if we aren't supposed to ask for advice...mods: Sorry! I'm still new here and I guess I need to go somewhere and re-read the rules.

    I've heard wives tales about different things...for my first son, I used Gold Bond baby medicated powder on his...I wonder if they still make that....anyway, sorry to sound like I wanted medical advice.

    Also, is there a place or forum here that is sort of an "off topic" forum for questions that may pertain to nursing or not pertain to nursing?

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    Mods: I re-read the terms of service and it did sound like I was asking for medical advice, so I just edited my post....if it still sounds wrong, let me know or just delete the entire post...SORRY!

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  7. by   ShayRN
    I will tell you as a mom, not as a nurse. Whatever worked for one child isn't going to work for another. I have had people swear by Desitin. That didn't touch my babies. I used Vit A&D. However, since then I have heard moms say that Milk of Mag worked wonders for their kids. Good luck, I know how hard it is to see our babies suffer. (((HUGS)))
  8. by   prmenrs
    If you're putting powder on, be very careful--it can get into their lungs, so turn away from the baby and sprinkle it on a slightly damp cloth, then pat it on his bottom.

    Using an antacid--Maalox/Mylanta--and letting it air-dry is also good.

    This stuff is very good: http://www.walgreens.com/store/produ...52&id=prod1081
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    best treatment: mild soap and water: pat dry, no rubbing and allow open to air 10-15 mins before diapering

    desatin was used by my mother with my siblings....rather thick and difficult to remove. i found minor irritation a+d works wonders children and adults while zinic oxide or balmax ointment for more severe case, especially with diarrhea for both groups. anything persistant past 3-5 days, may be fungal and need rx anti fungal tx. i don't use cornstarch as tends to feed fungal infections.

    expert advice:
    diaper rash

    emedicine - pediatrics, diaper rash : article by a antoine kazzi
  10. by   yeSICU
    Depends on the type of rash. If it is simple irritation I find A&D ointment has worked great. Anything that protects the skin from moisture is good. Some diaper creams actually sting a bit when applied so that is something to consider. If that rash is a yeast rash (yeast from stool can cause a yeast infected rash) OTC yeast infection cream works wonders. My son had a bad one that wouldn't go away, and after research, I tried the clomitrazole cream you or I would use for yeast irritation, and it cleared up the rash quickly. As mentioned above, let your baby air out their bum a bit. If my little guy is calm I let him sit sans diaper for awhile. If he is running around I usually get the diaper on quick to save the carpet. lol. My son has only had a couple rashes in his 17 months and I think it is due to letting him air out, frequent diaper changes using wipes for sensitive skin, and applying A&D a couple of times a day (especially before bed).
  11. by   Rabid Response
    Calendula cream. I've used several different brands, always with excellent results. It also helped with cradle cap and a rash my baby used to get sometimes on her face.
  12. by   txnursingqt
    A wonderful product is Butt Paste.
  13. by   DDRN4me
    I swear by A&D... if it is a bad rash I will mix it with plain zinc oxide.
    I dont use wipes with a rash, only a clean face cloth that i can bleach larer. If I think it has a yeast component (fiery red with scattered pimple like areas outside the perimiter) i add some yeast cream (now otc)
    years ago when I worked at the pediatricians we would special order a similar concoction at the pharmacy called 1-2-3 paste... (not medical advice just my past experiences here)
  14. by   twistedpupchaser
    I have tried so many things over the years with my tribe of kids and have found that my kids respond best to sodium bicarbinate (baking soda). Place a table spoon into the bath, warm or cold depending on climate. We use it for most skin irritations including dermatitis and prickly heat and we find that it works better than the expensive potions from the shops. The only things that it hasn't helped with are fungal and yeast infections, (it even helps ease the itching from chicken pox).