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The standard advice during interviews when this question comes up is to pick a mild fault and put a positive spin about how you are dealing with it successfully. I suspect interviewers foolish enough to ask this question hear a... Read More

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    Stating about your weaknesses is quite all right. It does not really mean that you are not going to be considered for the job. It is just a way to gauge you as a person.

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    I was already asked about this during interviews,and actually, it's hard to answer! I would say, my weakness is that I tend to overwork, therefore, I sometimes have difficulty managing my time and I am prone to burnouts, but of course, I am trying my best to work these things out
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    If I answered with total honesty, I would tell the interviewer this: "Respect is earned. I don't care who you are, or what your title is....I will give what I get as far as respect is concerned. I'm also not going to kiss butt, and I'm here to work. Not really that interested in friends. If I make a friend or two, great. But not my priority."
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    If I had to tell the truth, my answer would be chocolate.
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    "I'm smarter than you and the Unit Manager put together, but I promise to look dumb when you are around so I don't make you feel bad.

    ...and I enjoy leaving the toilet seat UP."
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    I dont care about your attitude that the customer is always right and needs to be happy.
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    My response would honestly be, and I've wanted to say this in previous interviews in my other career:

    "My weaknesses are as such: I'm not sure why people keep making me a leader because I just want to work and go home,
    I'm here for the people around me and not for any corporate BS crap, and if you do anything foolish or stupid to lose my respect I'm not going to listen to you."
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    Quote from Nascar nurse
    As a hiring manager, I do ask "Tell me about your weakness". Within reason, I really don't care what answer you give me but those of you NOT hiring would be amazed at the number of people that tell me "I can't really think of anything" or "I don't really have any weaknesses". This response tells me 1) they are not prepared for an interview or 2) They really think they are that perfect and it's gonna be H___ for the rest of us to deal with them...managers and coworkers alike!

    As an employee at an interview, I do not share that I tend to be a clock watcher. I have been salary for several years now and I'm just not going to work 60+ hours because I'm salary and you think you can just take advantage of that. I will work my tail off, skip breaks, skip lunch, whatever it takes but when my 8-9 hours is up I plan to be out the door unless the sky is falling.
    I could have written this myself. I use the "weakness" question ... and some version of the "career plans" question when I interview applicants. It's not that there is a single "right" answer to those questions. It's that there are certainly wrong ones -- and they are easy, softball questions that seem useless to the applicant, but give the applicant a chance to hang themselves.

    I also actually read resumes, cover letters, essays about why the want the job, etc. Once again, you'd be surprised how much stupid stuff people put in there that reveal things about themselves that prevent them for getting the job. Those things are other opportunities for the applicant to eliminate himself/herself from consideration. On a straightforward question, people can easily lie ... but with multiple opportunities to hang themselves, most of the worst applicants will reveal themselves.

    Also ... I am a clock-watcher. There are usually a lot of other places I would rather be than at work.

    And I don't take criticism well.
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    Hmmm, work related weaknesses?

    I definitely have a punctuality issue. Even if I get up earlier in the morning, watch the clock, skip things I really ought to do, for some reason or another, I usually end up a few minutes late. But I rarely take my whole lunch, so I guess it makes up for it.

    I talk too darn much. First, it seems like no matter which shift I work, my social life is affected negatively, so I end up compensating for it at work. Second, I'm kind of awkward socially anyways, so I feel more of a bond with colleagues who share health care as a common interest. And third, well, I just love to talk lol.

    I am a procrastinator, compulsively so. Huh, probably linked to issue number one...

    Strangely, although I enjoy talking way too much, I HATE taking lunch with colleagues. Break time is exactly that, a break. And it seems like when you take it with colleagues it always turns into talk about work stuff.

    I have practically no filter for what is PC or should not be said. I'll tell it like it is, so if you don't really want to know what I think, don't ask.

    Oh, and if my job is to sit at a computer, you can bet your hiney I'll end up procrastinating with some non-work related browsing...
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    1. One of my references once told the recruiter that I don't like stupid people. Which is very true.
    2. I feel most everybody should know what I think about most everything. (My husband tries to tell me that not everyone needs or wants to hear what I think on everything, but I think he's wrong.)
    3. I can be a vengeful b...
    4. I don't give a flying fig about customer service and I think all the accrediting agencies are BS and Magnet sits at the top of that pile of BS so don't expect me to cover up anything when the inspectors come around.
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