What are the "private forums" you get...

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    If you upgrade your membership, what exactly are the private forums like that you get access to? Would someone, maybe a mod., be able to give a basic description of what they are?

    I'm considering upgrading, but being somewhat cheap, I like to know what my money is getting me.
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    I've been premium for several months, and I think I have yet to venture into those private forums. Now I am going to look for them ... ... I was happy to get a larger private mailbox, more time to edit posts, and signature/avatar.
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    here's a link that compares the different memberships available.
    Support the site and get more perks in the process!

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    I've seen the link. I just wondered about the content of the forums.
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    here's a link that compares the different memberships available.
    Support the site and get more perks in the process!

    Hey Leslie. Thank you for the thread. As much as I'm on this site, I have also been thinking about upgrading my membership. I do have a question though that is not covered in that link. It says you can change your user name. Well, I would like to do that every 30 days or so...but when you change your user name will all the threads you posted under the previous user name be visible under the new user name for all to see? I am just asking this question because I have some paranoia, lol. What if someone from work finds out who I am and decides to read all my threads. I know that would probably not happen, but I've heard of some members that have had this happen...especially if you post a great deal on this site.
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    As I understand it, changing your name does not create any type of privacy. All previous posts are still available under that new id. There are a couple members who have changed their names (Carlos! I'm talking to you!), and you can still go back to read their old stuff.
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    And if one of their posts is quoted, you can still see it referenced to
    the old name.
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    Wow. These private forums must be more secretive than national security information. No one is giving anything up about them! LOL. I guess I'm staying put for now; I don't spend my money without knowing what I'm getting for my $$.
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    Thanks for asking about this, as I've wondered the same things.
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    I have been wondering too.

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