Well, it is what it is. Just a revelation.

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    I have come to a real conclusion. I just don't like nursing. I kept telling myself that I just need to get through the first year, find a better job, get more experience. But here it is. I have 3 years of experience and have tried a few different areas and I still don't like it. In my entire life, I have never had a single job I did not enjoy until I became a nurse. I enjoyed waiting tables, working in a coffee shop, scooping ice cream, being a cashier at a supermarket. I have always enjoyed going to work, being productive, and doing my job. Nursing is terrible. The stress and workload is unmanageable. I dread going to work and count the minutes until I can leave. Now that I have a baby on the way, I know I need to get out. But alas, this revelation is to going to help me pay my bills so I am stuck for now. I need an exit strategy.
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    Sorry u feel this way! Have u tried a clinic setting or anything outside of the hospital? Maybe school nursing?
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    At this point in your life with a baby on the way, it may be time to re-think what type of nursing would be a better fit for you and your life. Home Health, hospice are just a couple I would add to the pp suggestions. You could always do some per diem every other weekend if you need more money. Per diem and it won't be so overwhelming when it is only a couple of days here and there, and the hours in an MD's office, clinic or some other type of non acute nursing certainly would not have the sense of urgency often present in acute care.
    I would look at if it is nursing itself that you are not liking or if it is the type of nursing that is just not for you. Best of luck in your endevours!
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    You have discovered the trade-off.
    The fun ice-cream-scooping jobs carried little responsibility and you were paid little for the work. But in the long run, lack of enough money to lead a comfortable life brings its own stess.
    Nursing is high stress with a lot of responsibillity and a license required and is much better paid.
    Which one matters more to you if you cannot have both?
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    What about school nursing? You'd have less stress, more time to relax and catch up on paperwork, plus you'd have the same schedule as your child once he/she is school-aged. The money isn't as good, but if you love children and weigh your health and sanity over money, maybe it'd be a nice try. Good luck!
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    I honestly could have written this post myself. I wonder if the stress is all worth it. I have been a nurse for 3.5 years- 1 yr in LTC, and the rest a a very busy family practice. Both jobs have demanded unrealistic expectations of what 1 person can sanely and safely do. I am 12 weeks pregnant now and my priorities have shifted.
    I don't know what will happen after I have the baby- I like the "idea" of nursing, but I find myself longing for something more. I've been thinking maybe palliative care is more rewarding.
    I definitely understand where you're coming from, you're not alone. I feel positive about the future, and I know we will figure it out.
    Gotta do what's best for you!
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    Hospice is most definitely not where the OP should go. You will absolutely have no life with the 24 hr oncalls, last minute admits, and driving time. OMG especially pregnant, as well as with kids!
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    I am also pregnant, and I completely agree with your post. I am so burnt out and just over it. I work nights on an Ortho Trauma floor and the combative patients and all the lifting is really killing me. I know I need to get out because they just work us til they wear us out then hire more. I am considering home health, but in my area it pays by appointment not hourly so I cant figure out how much of a pay cut I will actually be taking.

    And in my area, there is no chance of getting a school nurse job without peds experience. I tried. I ahve also tried clinics and MD offices, they all want 2-5 years experience, but they pay less than what a new grad makes. High demands, low pay =welcome to the nursing glut.
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    OP I can related. I just finished a 7 day in a row stretch. Why? Because I'm going back to school for non nursing and I want to pay my tuition. It was hard and I'm beyond tired. But I went on autopilot and I kept saying in my head you are doing this to get out of this environment.

    Sit down and really think about what you want to do with your life. It can be a different area of nursing or it can be away from nursing all together. If you want to stay in nursing get as many certifications as you can that will help you in the long run. If your employer offers tuition assistance utilize it. Or go back to school on your own. Even if you still have to work on the floor having a goal helps. Especially when you are actively reaching that goal.

    People fail to forget there are jobs out there besides being a nurse. So do what is best for you.

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    Well, there's a silver lining to your revelation. You came to this realization rather early in your nursing career instead of ignoring your gut feeling for 20+ years. The earlier, the better.

    There are others out there who dislike nursing, but these nurses feel trapped because the mortgage, car payment, student loans, daycare bills, utilities, and other obligations are like the perpetual wolves pounding on the front door.

    Now that you know you do not enjoy nursing, you can take steps to make a change. It's the smart person who tells herself the truth. I wish you the best of luck!
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