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    I work as an RN in a very small company. My administrator, recently left and went to another job. However, she still works part time at my company as my boss. I recently applied to a larger company, my boss now works at this company. I know the hospital she works at, but I chose to apply to another hospital. So the recruiter calls me to set up an interview, about 30 minutes later, I get a text from my boss asking if I applied at this hospital. I responded yes I did, then she text me back asking if it was full time. I told her I wanted part time, because I wanted a second job. She then text me back an hour later to ask if I was aware that she also worked at this hospital when her hospitals census was low. I did not know this, or I would of applied somewhere else. I then responded that I was trying to leave, just needed a second job. Should I keep this interview or just apply somewhere else? At the new job, she's only a regular RN not management. I can't call HR, because we don't have one, and I don't think the owner of the company will do anything. I just need some advice on how to handle the situation.

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    It's too confusing for me to figure out who works where/applied to.... but what I really can't wrap my head around is why in the world do you and your boss text. At all. Ever. My work doesn't have my cell phone and if I didn't have a land line available for them to reach me (screening my calls/using my answering machine...) I'd have a 2nd cell (cheapo pay as you go kind of thing) Sorry I don't have any advice on how to handle the situation (and like I said, the situation is confusing for me). Advice you're not soliciting? Don't text with ppl from work.
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    First off, it must not be a conflict of interest if your boss left your current company, but comes back as a supervisor, as well as another job where you are applying. But she doesn't hold exclusive rights to per diem/part time work. Sounds to me like she is per diem at the new company you applied to, and should you be hired there part time, it would have the potential to cut into her per diem hours.

    First off, I would find a new recruiter. This must have been where your boss got this information. And that is a huge violation. And I would take it to your recruiter's boss. It was a violation of your privacy to have the recruiter share with your boss your job prospects, especially since this person is only an occasional boss and left the company you currently work for except for per diem, and at the new company she is not a supervisor but a staff RN. I would be clear about that. It is none of this person's business if you are seeking a second job (and as an occasional boss at the current company, could say something about conflicts of interest, could give the recruiter a recommendaion--but with your permission). Sounds to me like your boss likes the fact that she has the corner on the "picking up hours" for multiple companies, but that is not your issue nor your problem.

    That your boss texted you regarding this shows poor judgement on her part. But save those texts. If you start having issues at your current job when this boss is working, you will have to bring this to an alternate level. Otherwise, should you receive texts in the future, I would text back that this is your personal cell, that you don't discuss work issues via text when you are not working, and when you see this person in person and she asks you about it, (and I am sure she will). I would simply say "what is your need to know? What I choose that is not within the confines of this job at this time, and unless it relates to your supervision of me at this time, then I respectfully decline to discuss my personal choices."
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    I would be calling that recruiter ASAP and asking for some type of explanation and telling her what a spot she put you in. She is the one that had the breach in judgement to even tell your boss. I'd be pretty steamed.
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    I thought about calling the recruiter, but I didn't want to make any waves. The company is all over the U.S and the field I work in there's 2 big companies that dominate the field. The reason my boss has my personal cell # is because we have to take call. She probaly text because she "knew" I was at work.
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    Did you have problems with her? I feel I am missing part of the story
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    No problem at all, she's my boss I would never hang out with her. I work for a very small unit, and we only have 3 nurses, so when a nurse leaves it wreaks havoc on the unit. A nurse left 2 months ago, and a new nurse had to be trained. My boss also has to work the floor, because we have no other nurses. So I guess when she heard I applied elsewhere, she contacted me. I haven't even had an interview yet
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    Maybe it's me....I'm still confused.
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    I'm still a little confused, too. So ... the recruiter contacted your boss about a job application you submitted. Did you specifically tell the recruiter not to contact your current employer? If not, and assuming you listed your current employment on the application, it would be pretty standard practice for the recruiter to check with your current boss -- particularly if the recruiter already knows your boss.

    The "biggest mistake" might have been made with your current boss -- whol let you know that she knows. I agree with the advice to save any texts or e-mails you get from her about this just in case she gives you a hard time because of it.
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    I really don't know who contacted her. But she was not even at "our" job when she text me. I used the owner of the company for a reference and I put the jobs number on my app, not her personal cell #. They only contacted me to set up an interview, I have not even been interviewd as of yet.

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