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I know a lot of healthcare employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from a verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. For many, this is not an unrealistic fear it is... Read More

  1. by   wondern
    Thanks for your kind reply, cxg174. :redpinkhe
    Sorry you experienced the same kind of targeting, bullying trauma as me. It felt like being hunted daily. Somehow, knowing I'm not alone, is sad for the profession, but at the same time helps me feel understood by another nurse in similar shoes. It's embarassing to even admit that they succeeded in running me off. I think of myself as a strong woman, one who spoke upI thought the adminisrtators at this fine teaching trauma center could see through the bully manager and her crew but they couldn't. I fought for my rights and what I thought was right until the end. Thanks for your kind response, support and blessing, my nurse friend.

    PS-I was listening to Joel Olsteen this morning and he was talking about the power of our words, and how our kind words to others are like blessings to them. You never know how just much you can lift someone with your words.
  2. by   stfsu1
    The normal path of discpline is verbal, written, and the termination but don't be fooled by this becasue companies can do whatever they want to. I was given one verbal warning, sent to Boston for a National conference then fired when I got home. Because I "over communicated with my care center". A DON called stating I was communicating to much with her staff about our patients. This company completely skipped the written warning stage and terminated my position. I have never been late, in trouble or caused any problems for this hospice I simply did my job and cared for the patients I had in my census. Yet the company felt the need to terminate me after one verbal warning. The worst thing was I could not say good bye to my patients and families. Plus the director of this hospice could not even look me in the eye as her supervisor the CFO of the company was doing the termination. I could not believe it after 5 years of working for the company to be treated like a rag doll. Should I contact a lawyer?
  3. by   wondern
    Sorry this happened to you.:redpinkhe How does one 'over communicate' anyhow? That just sounds like a bunch of hooey! Was your ultimate manager a non-nurse? I don't know if you can find a lawyer or if it would even be worth the emotional time and energy, esp. in 'will to work' states. I did collect unemployment. I figured I paid in to it for 17 years at this fine institution of medicine, a supposed 'magnet' facilility, huh, why not? It was minimal but deserved. I figured then the burden of proof would be on the manager to prove what I did so wrong after that long! She didn't fight it. Try it. Yes, it's a little humiliating but you've already been humiliated, right? We need a union to protect our profession.
  4. by   nursemarion
    You only have a chance to fight an unjust firing if:

    A. You were discriminated against for some reason- age, race, etc.
    B. You have a contract or a union agreement that requires the employer to follow the steps of the discipline process.

    Otherwise, join the club of disillusioned, hardworking, caring nurses who have lost a job unfairly. No point in getting a lawyer. Maybe someday there will be a law to protect people but at-will employment is the bottom line. I never thought things like that would happen in hospice, but I have seen as it became more of a money-maker that things have changed drastically. It can be dog-eat-dog like anything else now.
  5. by   losbozos
    I was just bullied out of my job of 6 years. Shouldn't have stayed two weeks let alone as long as I did. I was down to my last written warning, hypertensive, cardiac dysrrhythmia, watched every minute, accused of lying, leaving work in the middle of the day and then coming back at quitting time, being rude, judgmental, and an all around bad nurse and person. I have never had any problems with previous employment but I had red flags going off within my first two weeks. Now, I am out of a job and can't find one. I was in a very specialized area of practice and now I'm being told that since I have not worked outside my speciality, I'm not considered competent for other areas (even tho I've worked in them in the past).
    How can this happen? How can bullies and their troll enablers get away with this? I am so sad and living off my retirement.
  6. by   nursemarion
    I don't know why they get away with it. I guess we keep thinking things will get better, but I think I have learned that if I ever get a written warning for any reason I will leave as soon as possible. I think it must be a sign that you are soon to be fired. In an unhappy situation 6 years is a long time to hang in there. You must have liked the work. Is there a similar job somewhere else?
  7. by   wondern
    So sorry, stfsu1 and losbozos! Were any of your bully-enabling manager's non-nurses?

    I think you have a excellent point, cxg174. If any manager would rather write me up than support and work with me first, in any possible future job, I will split too, that is if I ever go back. The work is hard enough without all the nitnoid BS of egotistical personalities battling among themselves, trying to drag you down with them all the time. Life is too short for games like that. Evidently my non-nurse manager really got off on writing me up and targeting me with her bully gang of assistant managers and coworkers, at my 'magnet' workplace.

    One of them actually told all the staff in a meeting where I brought up the fact that folks needed to report to RN in charge that day before leaving the floor for breaks, that, "Nobody needs to report to you before leaving the floor...". Then after the meeting she followed me in to the nurse's station telling me I better watch it or ,"...I'm gonna get you." This is at a magnet facility folks!

    Needless to say it wasn't long before I was written up agian for saying something to a tech about smelling like cigarettes, taking like 10 cigarette breaks a day near our entrance, and then working with our cancer patients. Her smell made me nauseous at times. I can only imagine how the patients felt.
  8. by   violets spring
    Have you been to my world? The world of the warnings? Tomorrow is the day I think I get the boot. I have been worried sick about it and that hasn't helped any. . How did I get into this I've asked all the dead people I know to help me out as I'm not really helping myself right now.

    I think I will resign so they don't have to tell a future employer the dreaded words "not eligible for rehire" . I'm waaaaay too old for this.
  9. by   violets spring
    I hope you find work. I really do.
  10. by   gypsy626
    couple of things here.... give a 2 weeks notice smile tell them how wonderful it's been blah blah blah
    or just see what they do Monday if they don't fire you start a journal names, dates times incidents
    it's a legal document if and when they do fire you you have concret evidence
  11. by   wondern
    Yes, violets spring, we've been in your bullying, warning world! So sorry you've gotten stuck in this mess! Give them your notice before they do that 'no rehire' BS. Beat them to the punch on Monday. Write up your 2 weeks notice now. I wish I would've left that way, or at least just transferred to another area, instead of letting them, 'get me'. Hopefully, you will find a better place where your work, skills and experience will be appreciated. No matter what, staying in a hostile work environment is never worth it. It's a killer, really, all that unwarranted stress. It just ages us quicker. Know you have other nurses thinking of you and supporting you through the airwaves tomorrow!
  12. by   gypsy626
    just a quick thought in any one particular facility non union
    what would the bullies and the ones who enable them do if there were " a white out"
    no nurses show up I agree it would be a hardship for one shift but no nurse can work over 16 hrs
    maybe a point would be made
  13. by   gypsy626
    just adding........ I'm from Boston and sometimes it really does take a tea party to reform what's wrong with things