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  1. sistuh

    Christian medical missions to Haiti - HELP!!

    :nurse:Nazarene Compassion International is already in Haiti. Haiti is a dangerous place so you need to make sure you are safe with a group. NCI is a denominational global church with headquarters in Kansas City, KS.
  2. sistuh

    amiodarone bolus

    sarcasm filter ACTIVE..............................................
  3. sistuh

    Verbal, Written Warnings and Termination

    It makes me wonder why some people decide to be nurses in the first place when theyhave a cruel streak:mad:
  4. sistuh

    Verbal, Written Warnings and Termination

    I am an older nurse and a travel nurse. If someone is "out to get me," it's cancel the contract and I have no recourse. Fortunately, it has happened only once. Never had a chance to explain my side of the issue.
  5. sistuh

    Should I leave the ICU?

    Unfortunately this is the old story of nurses eating their young. The new title is latteral violence. When communication becomes a problem between coworkers and supervisors the potential for worse mistakes can happen. It's also hard to live down a label. You've acknowledge your mistake and learned a good lesson. We all have and there the problem lies with medical errors, we err because we are human. I would hesitate to give you advice about this situation as I don't know you but had an experience with another nurse where we "almost became Walmart greeters". The way we helped ourselves through this was to have a meeting with an employee assistant counselor so we could see the real issue and not the emotional issue and coping mechanisms. Your facility should have a program for employee assistance who can help you with communication with peers and supervisors. Believe me you will get over this. Don't make a hasty decision you may later regret.
  6. sistuh

    Want to cry

    I know how you feel. It is good you feel overwhelmed at first. Don't hesitate to ask questions even if you feel "they will think I stupid." The good ones are the ones who know how easy it is to make a mistake, that this is not easy stuff to digest quickly and that we need each other and resources to provide best practice and safe patient care. Hang in there, you're going to do fine.
  7. sistuh

    amiodarone bolus

    I recently had to give a bolus of amiodarone off a standard concentration bag of 450mg in 250 ml. I programmed the antiquated pumps we use with the pharmacy directions and am wondering in my mind how to calculate the dose ordered into the old pumps which cannot be labled or programmed except for ml/hr.

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