threatened at work

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    Had a psych patient in ER for 8 hours last shift. Patient verbally threatened me with stalking and death for the entire shift. Come to find out I have to give her a form with my name on it. I respectfully declined and the house sup gave it to her.
    How come they have all the rights and we have none. For the first time in 7 years I am really spooked. Just doesn't seem fair.
    And of course no patients have EVER come back and actually did what they threatened.
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    Why I carry a gun...not at work of course.

    Don't worry, it will be that needle stick full of HIV that will kill you...not the psychos.
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    thanks, I feel better
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    No one working w/psych pts should be required to put their full name on a form that goes to a patient. Many, many years ago, at least 20, one of the nurses I worked with was pestered by the son of a pt. He probably would not have harmed her, but he was 'in love' and just wanted to be near her. He was able to get her address because of her unusual last name. Scary, just the same.
    Good thing your house supe agreed to sign the paper.
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    Quote from Bug Out
    Why I carry a gun...not at work of course.

    Don't worry, it will be that needle stick full of HIV that will kill you...not the psychos.

    My dark humor might be shining through- but that is hilarious! But seriously, to Gonzo, I am hoping nothing bad comes out of this situation. I have no words of advice to give you. My last stalker left me alone only after my scary looking friends with big muscles and tattooed faces kindly requested that he stop bothering me. I consider myself lucky that he listened.
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    Quote from gonzo1
    Come to find out I have to give her a form with my name on it.
    Probably off topic with regards to this, but since I haven't worked in the ED/Trauma in over 10 years I'm just wondering - are you guys required to wear name badges with your whole name? When I was in the ED, unlike the rest of the hospital we had special badges with only the first name listed on it (and we were never required to give a patient anything with our full names on it).

    Try not to sweat it, nothing comes of the vast majority of threats, though that doesn't necessarily give you peace of mind. Sad but true aspect of the job.
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    About a decade ago the people I worked with respectfully demanded that we have name badges with only our first names on them. Administration listened to our reason and said ok. Also, from time to time pictures are taken of nurses and their entire names are in captions. We respectfully refused to be part of those pictures.

    I've also worked at a hospital (general med-surg hospital) where it was practice that no nurse had a last name on the badge.

    As a psych nursing instructor, I have my students blank out their last name on their school badges. One semester a student was the daughter of a famous person with an unusual last name, so this was specifically important for her to do. I've told the students a patient might ask what their name is, and they can say that it's the instructor's policy that no last names are given. So far no patient has had trouble with that. Actually, no student has reported to me that anyone has asked.
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    Take it like a "black" joke of faith. At soon you are not hurt and was just part of "nursing beauty".... long years ago...and Zuzi was a young nurse, and in OR was a kuku patient, sedated, operated (remember that they used Ketanest, at one point) well... he wake-up fresh and waited for "nurse ZUZI" at the exit of hospital, just to talk....all my collegues laugh of me at that time... and let me to "escort and conseille" him till till the psych pavillion, loool.
    You dn't know what is in their head, try to adapt you to them, because they are patients, just how they are...poor them. As soon is not life can handle... who know how was their life.....
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    As one who has been on the receiving end of stalking behavior and assault, I advise you to maintain a sense of awareness and do not expect your employer to look out for your best interests should you run into any problems.
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    Your were right to be cautious. Years ago I worked a state psychiatric facility as a night shift supervisor. We were required to wear name tags with full name on them. My maiden name was fairly unusual and I was listed by first initial and last name in the phone book. A patient did find me and confronted me at the doorway to my apartment one of my nights off. I was able to get away from him and drive away unharmed. Come to find out he had done this multiple times before (frequent flyer to the state hospital) and had actually assaulted two nurses in the past. Since this was a state facility they declined to change their policy of full names required on name tags. I chose to leave that job and find another rather than have another incident happen to me. I have insisted since then that if a name tag is needed it be first name only or last name and title only. Or, as I am currently, be in an area where I am not required to wear a name tag, just carry a work ID on my person.

    Bottom line people do awful things to others every day in this world and I chose to not make it easier for them to pick me to be a victim. Criminals utilize the health care system too and you can not know for sure who is viewing you as a potential target. I take threats seriously myself and take all the precautions I can to stay safe.

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