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  1. Bug Out

    Light reading on workplace violence

    Tele, LTC, Infusion When I was choked out it was by a 6' 210lb retired Marine with dementia lol. Before he choked me out he actually kicked me in the face when we attempted to restrain him. Got me pretty good, thought he broke my nose. Kept saying, "YOU DIRTY JAP! I'M GONNA *'* KILL YOU! I KILLED YOUR KIND BEFORE AND I'LL KILL YA AGAIN!" Those cotton soft restraints just don't cut it anymore...
  2. Bug Out

    Stopping a code w/o MD

    To be fair a RN's Scope of Practice in Arizona does not address this issue and there seems to be debate of the "legalities." Some of you seem to be quick on the judging of the RN. You cannot fault someone for attempting to advocate for her pt and/or family. I think everyone involved in that code had a VERY hard time dealing with it... The problem is that no one seems to know if this is a civil or criminal matter. I am not asking if the Nurse or facility can be sued...rather is it legal or does anyone know of some kind of legal precidence in any of the States they worked in orcurrently reside? Lawsuits....I am not even worried about lawsuits anymore. The list of things you cannot get sued for is much shorter than the latter.
  3. Bug Out

    Light reading on workplace violence

    I have been bitten too many times to count. Choked with a telephone cord, punched in the face, chest and stomache, pinched about a bazillion times and slapped a handfull or others. I read once that Nursing is more dangerous than underground mining and heavy construction combined. (Mostly due to back injuries, slips/falls, and communicable disease)
  4. Bug Out

    Stopping a code w/o MD

    I understand that the Nurses would not have the authority to stop the code but the family does not have the authority either?
  5. Bug Out

    Stopping a code w/o MD

    I heard an interesting story today. Facility is a SNF, Pt codes, family at bedside, after a few minutes of the code the son, Med POA, requested to stop the code. The person running the code a LPN refused to stop citing a rule that once the code starts it cannot stop until medics arrive. Unit manager, RN, starts screaming at the LPN to stop the code in between the son's pleas to stop. Medics arrive, take over the code and immediately stop. If the POA requests an ongoing code to stop can it be stopped without the medics or a MD present?
  6. Bug Out

    Tell me your GPA. Just wanna compare

    3.85 at graduation.
  7. Bug Out

    AZ CNA Board Test

    There is not time limit and verbally say everything you are doing. After each test verbally say again all the steps you would have performed. If you physically miss something but verbally say it in AZ they count that as a task performed. Go slow, stay calm.
  8. Bug Out

    Unsafe practice and board of nursing

    First you need to make detailed documentation. Second you need to figure out which agencies regulate your facility. Most likely your State's Dept of Health Services will be the entity to contact. Follow the Dept's system of reporting.
  9. Bug Out

    New grad and registry..Does this sound kosher

    Usually not a good idea to work registry right out of school. What state? No idea what this means. I would love to work as an IC, get your NSO insurance. Bad sign Personally I would not go this route but you have to do what you have to do.
  10. Bug Out

    Questions to ask at interview in LTC

    Yes Yes but if you reallywant to look professional you should just lookthat up yourself, its pub record, and then ask the DON what action plan they were using to correct mistakes. "What are your Nurse to patientratios on XXX floor and how do you staff?" The more you look up ahead of time the better you look.
  11. Bug Out

    Can a LTC not have DON or ADON?

    I know that depending upon the facilities size the regs may be different. Smaller facilites are not required to have the same staffnig. For example my current DON was a DON at two seperate smaller facilities at the same time. Since they were smaller she was legally allowed to have up to two. In addition the Fed regs only come into play if the facility accepts Fed dollars ie Medicare. Not all facilities accept Fed money.
  12. Bug Out

    do you skip your lunch break routinely?

    I think I have taken maybe 2 or 3 lunch breaks in over a year.
  13. Bug Out

    Male Nursing Students

    Baby boomers are getting old. Old people get sick. Unless Medicare fails and the private insurance industry fails and 2012 occurs the patient load should go up increasing demand for RNs. At the same time the older baby boomer RNs are leaving the field additionally creating a RN vaccum.
  14. Bug Out

    Wondering about how long it takes for an AZ license?

    87 days.
  15. Bug Out

    What's the general role of a nurse?

    The chief patient advocate and leader of the interdisciplinary healthcare team to achieve the patient's health goals in a hollistic manner through the lifespan in an evidence based manner.
  16. Bug Out

    A Few Silly Questions

    Don't discount LTC, Rehab, and LTACHs. Many of them will pay more than acute care.