Things you didn't learn in nursing school

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    Nurses, please share your stories of things you wished you learned in nursing school.

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    I wonder if anyone owns the full 12-volume set?
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    That seldom are things as perfect as they had to be in order to pass the tests, particularly skills check offs.
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    How to pass meds to 26 patients in 1 hour.
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    Didn't learn that nurses are also pharmacist, respiratory therapist, clinical techs, physical therapists, cosmetologist, environmental services and the list goes on. Apparently we do it all....
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    How quickly/continuously medical science advances/changes, and how much time, effort and expense is involved in trying to keep up with the changes from the point of view of nursing practice.
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    How to navigate, adapt and keep your spirits high in nursing?

    I know there are many subjects that discussed about it. But nothing can really prepare a nurse outside. There's too many factors. Too many people to navigate. We have to be flexible but not a pushover. Assertive and not aggressive. Basically, how to roll with the bull.
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    What I didn't learn in nursing school was that I only learned enough to get me to the point where I could START to learn what I would need to know to work as a nurse.

    Have often referred to the Newly-Minted Nurse as having a License to Learn.
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    I wish there was a clearly written and up to date book somewhere explaining it all!
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    When I graduated from nursing school, I was basically licensed to apply bandaids. The real learning comes with experience. Having a 6 hour clinical that included a one hour lunch break, 30 minutes and pre and post conference, did not prepare us what soever.
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