The Worst Nursing Job You Ever Had

  1. Tell us why it was so bad...
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  3. by   ajaxgirl
    Quote from firstyearstudent
    Tell us why it was so bad...
    you first.
  4. by   firstyearstudent
    Heh heh. I've only been a nurse for three years. This is my first and only job and it's pretty good. Just looking for reasons to count my blessings...
  5. by   sharpeimom
    when i was a newlywed, i worked briefly in a homeless shelter. they were looking for someone with a msw, which they didn't get but they did get me instead. a former editor and proofreader who was a brand new nurse with a msn and very little practical experience as a nurse.

    i enjoyed the listening and helping part of the job. i enjoyed the hands-on helping the clients. what i did not like were the fleas, lice, crablice, scabies, bedbugs brought in, the silverfish, roaches and other tiny livestock that came in with many clients. eventually, no matter how careful i tried to be i had brought home almost every creepy crawly that had been brought in. shudder!i'm beginning to itch just typing this.

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  6. by   jenrn2008
    Grady Memeorial Hospital.... Why? every reason you can think of.
  7. by   Orca
    Immediately after I relocated I worked at a long term care facility. I was the only RN on swing shift on a 120-bed unit. The place was chronically understaffed because they underpaid people (our RNs were getting what most places paid LPNs - which explains why the job was open). I had to handle all doctor and family contacts, hand out supplies, order meds and give meds to 40+ patients (because two of the LPNS had quit). Fortunately I was out of there in about 90 days.
  8. by   jnrsmommy
    Working at a very well known military hospital was a great learning experience, but it became unbearable due to the lack of support and team work.
  9. by   kitkat29
    I worked for a "diet and health" clinic popular in Canada and the USA. The diet basically consisted of a severely reduced calorie intake... and injections tailored to 'melt fat'. Patients were coming in and fainting on us, we werent making people feel better..we were making them feel worse. It was all about securing their money. I had to leave due to my on conscience.
  10. by   reddellrn
    I worked in a prison, need i say more? I was outta there in 2 months. No it was not the prisoners but the amt of work was unbearable.
  11. by   Blackheartednurse
    Quote from firstyearstudent
    Heh heh. I've only been a nurse for three years. This is my first and only job and it's pretty good. Just looking for reasons to count my blessings...
    Interesting since in your previous post you stated that you want to get out of nursing.
  12. by   Lacie
    Artificial Kidney Center (Kru Med) in central florida doing chronic dialysis. Worst job I have ever worked in my life. We had the administrator from H-E-#-#!!!! She was completely in outer space in relation to her staff or unit needs. The medical director (love him to death) was just too passive to do anything about her. Made major mistakes in her own right then would throw everyone else under the bus never taking responsiblity herself. Threw temper tantrums like a 2 year old. Staff turnover is about every 2-3 months.
  13. by   NewTexasRN
    I really hate to be a party pooper, but can we start off the new year on a positive note. How about "Best Nursing Job You Ever Had?"
  14. by   JazzyRN
    CNMC. worked in the pediatric ICU. it was grossly understaffed with high pt acuity. nurses would take 3 patients regularly and it was very unsafe. you rarely got lunch. coworkers were all so busy, it was hard to get help or relief. i would feel sick and anxious prior to each shift i work and found myself praying to make it through the shift. luckily it was only a travel assignment with and not a real job for me. i pray that things are better over there now for the sake of the nurses and their patients.