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The faces behind the scene - do you ever wonder what the staff are like who moderate allnurses? Did you know we have at least a 100 plus years of nursing experience to bring to the table and that we... Read More

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    You guys have done an excellent job with this site! Best wishes for continued success!
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    It's nice to put names and personalities together. Thank you!
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    Awwwww, madwife you are the sweetest person! I really, really wish I could be at NTI this year. Dangit.
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    Quote from madwife2002
    What roller blades?
    LOL.....not exactly but I can take corners like I'm on rails....
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    My honour is getting to meet people even if only via the internet from all over the world. I was at Chicago 2 years ago and plan on going to Boston this year and travelling down from Canada so should be fun
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    A big round of applause for all of you! I really enjoy this forum.thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I really appreciate Allnurses and all of your hard work you put into it. It is the greatest. I spend hours reading all the stories posted. I have been able to relate to alot of them. I wish you continued success.
    Thank you all.
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